Monday, December 27, 2021


2021 MIXTAPE -- December 27, 2021

Follow along. This show is too big.

76. Shirese "Trenody for the Victims of 99.1 PLR"
75. The Mountain Movers "Way Back to the World"
74. Fatima Al Qadiri "Sheba"
73. Etran de L'Air "Toubouk Ine Chihoussay"
72. Mdou Moctar "Afrique Victime"
71. John Dwyer (et al) "Terra Incognito"
70. Mister Goblin "Left Before Your Set"
69. Whelpwisher "In Fiction"
68. The Glow "Heavy Glow"
67. Redman "80 Barz"
66. Spinabenz f/ Yungeen Ace & FastMoney Goon "Who I Smoke"
65. Larry June f/ Money Man "Intercepted"
64. Deuce Ellis f/ Che Noir "Spit Acid"

**Hot Trends of 2021: Rappers sampling Vanessa Carlton** (Related to #66)
Bonus: Sexxy Red "Ah Thousand Jugs"

63. Ty Segall "Erased"
62. Blackwater Holylight "Around You"
61. Magdalena Bay "Secrets (Your Life)"
60. Kacey Musgraves "Breadwinner"
59. Pale Waves "Easy"
58. Genesis Owusu f/ Kirin J Callinan "Drown"

**WORST MOVIES OF 2021 Roundtable**
#3. Woodstock 99: Peace Love and Rage / Framing Britney Spears
#2. Willy's Wonderland / Christmas in Tahoe
Honorable mention: Till Death / Downfalls High
#1. Me You Madness / Mother Schmuckers

57. Beach House "Once Twice Melody"
56. XR "Contents"
55. Chris Brokaw "Puritan"
54. Turnstile "Endless"
53. Clibbus "Telephone from Marble Mouth"
52. Eyehategod "The Trial of Johnny Cancer"
51. Sanguisugabogg "Gored in the Chest"
50. King Woman "Boghz"
49. Guardian Singles "Heartland"
48. Editrix "The Sound"
47. Momma "Medicine"
46. Nilufer Yanya "Stabilise"

"Boings of the Year" RIP 2017-2021
Bonus: MC Boing "Boing Beat"

Bonus: Tkay Maidza "So Cold"
45. Tkay Maidza "Syrup"
44. Solemn Brigham "Bigger World"
43. Zack Fox "FAFO"
42. Big Thief "Little Things"
41. Supermilk "Pelican Pete"
40. Dinosaur Jr "Garden"
39. Ovlov "The Wishing Well"
38. Options "That Much"
37. Colleen Green "I Wanna Be A Dog"
36. Lily Konigsberg "That's the Way I Like It"
35. Sedona "Drifting Days"
34. Tee Vee Repairmen "Patterns"
33. Poison Ruin "Doppelgänger"
32. Silicone Prairie "Song for the Eagles to Sing"
31. Waste Man "Proofreaders, Singles, and Philosophers"
30. Beak "Oh Know"
29. Freak Genes "Ford Fairlane"
28. Dridge "Drip"
27. Nunslaughter "Red Is The Color of Ripping Death"

**MOVIES OF THE YEAR Roundtable**
#5. Shiva Baby
#4. The French Dispatch / The Kid Detective
#3. Midnight Mass / Pig
#2. Pig / Dune
#1. Dune / The French Dispatch

26. Turnstile "Fly Again"
25. Glitterer "Try Harder Still"
24. Wu-Lu "Times"
23. New Last Name "Horse Girl"
22. Chris Brokaw "The Heart of Human Trafficking"
21. 2nd Grade "Favorite Song"

Bonus: Paperboy Love Prince "Eric Adams Get Out Of My Room"

20. Sedona "Missing In Paradise"
19. Tyler The Creator f/ Youngboy NBA & Ty Dolla Sign "Wasyaname"
18. Lily Konigsberg "Proud Home"
17. Tyler The Creator f/ Daisy World "Rise"
16. Phife Dawg f/ Redman & Busta Rhymes "Nutshell Pt 2"
15. Turnstile "Blackout"

Bonus: Ame Bibabi "Chin Up High"

14. Outta Pocket "Purest Pain"
13. Gulch "Bolt Swallower"
12. Melissa "Breonna"
11. Turnstile "Mystery"

Bonus: Maneskin "Beggin'"

10. Beak "Ah Yeh"
9. Lily Konigsberg "Sweat Forever" (announced as #8)
8. Sedona "Cupid's Victim" (announced as #9 -- files got switched by accident)
7. Quicksand "Inversion"
6. Turnstile "Don't Play"
5. Ovlov "Cheer Up Chihiro"
4. Parannoul "Analog Sentimentalism"
3. Rosali "Pour Over Ice"
2. Guardian Singles "Being Alone"
1. Turnstile "Holiday"

Bonus: Ame Bibabi "Chin Up High (Reprise)"
Bonus: Jacques Renault "Sunny Side (Mixed)"

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