Thursday, June 28, 2018

top 10 jams june 27 2018

Nirvana "Curmudgeon"

Top 10 Jams: June 27, 2018
21. Sleep "Leagues Beneath"
20. Tony Molina "Wrong Town"
19. Natalie Prass "Short Court Style"
18. Sandrider "Creep"
17. Dilly Dally "I Feel Free"
16. Kali Uchis featuring Steve Lacy "Just A Stranger"
15. Amara La Negra "What a Bam Bam"
14. Ariana Grande f/ Nicki Minaj "The Light is Coming"
13. Kids See Ghosts "4th Dimension"
12. Ava Luna "Deli Run"
11. Heele "The Paper Sky"
10. Roseblood "Black Veil"
9. The Voidz "Pyramid of Bones"
8. Flasher "Skim Milk"
7. Ovlov "Stick"
6. Bali Baby "Backseat"
5. Code Orange featuring Corey Taylor "The Hunt"
4. The Mountain Goats "Song for Sasha Banks"
3. Teyana Taylor "Hurry"
2. Nine Inch Nails "Ahead of Ourselves"
1. Beak> "Alle Sauvage"

Quicksand "Multiverse"
Quicksand ">>>"
Quicksand "Spoken Through Clouds"
Weezer "Thief You've Taken All That Was Me"
At The Drive In "Pattern Against User"
The Pharcyde "Passing Me By"

DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince "Summertime"
Mobb Deep "Shook Ones Part 2"
Tony Toni Tone "Feels Good"
Cam'ron "Hey Ma"
The Notorious B.I.G. "Everyday Struggle"
Miguel "Adorn"
Bell Biv Devoe "Gangsta"

june 25 2018 (probably not what got played)

Yo I dont remember the right order but this is probably what we played

Mary Kate & Ashley Olson "Gimme Pizza Slow"
Exploded View "No More Parties In The Attic"
Xetas "The Future"
Ween "Sorry Charlie"
James Tenney "Cellogram"

Expander "Biochron Space Suit"
PC Worship "Baby In The Back Room"
Carmen Electra "Everybody Get On Up (12 inch Up Mix)"

David Nance "More Than Enough (Reprise)"
Earl Sweatshirt "Grief"
Nirvana "Sifting"
Lil B "Riding Skating Rolling Painting"
Can "Butterfly"

Prince "200 Balloons"
Sumerlands "Haunted Forever"
Sleep "Leagues Beneath"
Everything Is Terrible remix
Broken Water "Seaside"

Otoboke Beaver "Anata Watashi Daita Ato Yome No Meshi"
LL Cool J "To The Break Of Dawn"
Endless Boogie "Back In '74"
Omar Souleyman "Khatabah"

Mercyful Fate "Running Free"
Mercyful Fate "Black Masses"
Mercyful Fate "Hard Rocker"
Mercyful Fate "Combat Zone"