Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Playlist for 7/29

Pre Late Night Noise (Rotation)

Cloudeater - Shelter
Fat History Month - Safe and Sound
Disclosure - Fire Starts To Burn
Pretty Lights - Around The Block (featuring Talib Kweli)
The Melvins - Best Friend
Adult - Idle (Second Thoughts)
Speedy Ortiz - Pioneer Spine
Daft Punk - Doin It Right
Saliva - Click Click Boom
Godflesh - Xonybis
Cold Cave - God Made The World
ShapeShifter - Gravity
Lana Del Ray - Summertime Sadness

Late Night Noise 
Folkstorm - I
Folkstorm - II

- Side A of this Cassette that's not in English

But now I have found the English so that's Masked Diode - BGM

Con Dom - Vengeance
Jesu - Conquer
Prurient - Rose Pillar
Operation Cleansweep - Can You Wake Up?
Lil B 'The Basedgod' - California Boy
Plagues - Bright April
Plagues - 7 Years Past 50
Plagues - This Will Do
Laureate - 1901: the Rontgen Ray
Laureate - 1914: Diffraction By Crystals
Laureate - 1918: Advancement Of Energy Quanta
Laureate - 1925: Impact Of The Electron
Nyodene D - The Measure Of A Man
RU-486 - Disobedient Kathoey
Disgust - Mercy
Gnawed - Kill What I Eat

Monday, July 22, 2013

Thank You DJ Coyote

A fellow WXCI buddy DJ Coyote will be filling in tonight for the show. Be sure to tune in and check it out.


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Playlist 7/15/13

Pre Late Night Noise Show (rotation)

Boards Of Canada - Reach For The Dead

Speedy Ortiz - Pioneer Spine

My Bloody Valentine - Only Shallow

The Flaming Lips - Be Free, A Way

Beck - The Golden Age

Sol Cat - Fishing With John

This Town Needs Guns - Cat Fantastic

Queens Of The Stone Age - I Sat By The Ocean

Bob Marley - Buffalo Soldier (Stephen Marley Remix)

Converge - Reap What You Sow

Waka Flocka Flame - Hard In Da Paint

Late Night Noise 

Sean Draper - Age

Sean Draper - Gather

Sean Draper - Try

Sean Draper - Pollen

Jason Crummer - V. Certified Blues

Sterilized - Extreme and Unfortunate Sterilization

Sterilized - Freedom Rides

Sterilized - Heading For War

Sump - Cross The Throne

Negtivland - A Tape For All Deaths

Prurient - Awaiting Execution

Steel Hook Prostheses - Requiem For A Machinist

Horrid Cross - III

Lil B 'The Basedgod' - Ellen Degeneres

Consent - 1

Consent - 2

Consent - 3

Consent - 4

Consent - 5

Masonic Youth - OA 2011

Croatian Amor - Amaryllis Dance

Cop Killer - Medical Soda

Merzbow - Woodpecker No. 1

Tollund Man - Goodbye Horses

Blodvite - Roseter Som Ingen Minne

Monday, July 15, 2013

Masonic Youth

Here is a video from some guys who are big into conspiracy theories. We'll be featuring some of their music on the show tonight.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Cool Jams To Check Out

I figured I'd throw some stuff on here since I am stuck at work on a Saturday night and coming up for material for the show next week.

Here is a video of The Melvins I found since they are playing in Hartford fairly soon.

This Sound Cloud link is also worth checking out. Brain Surgery Without Anesthesia

BSWA by Joseph//Merrick

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Playlist For 7/8/13

Godspeed you! black emperor - The Dead Flag Blues

Xian Undertaker - The People’s Democratic Republic Of Hut Stricklin Genocide

The JuJu Orchestra - Kind Of 107020000 Rhythm* Request
Frame 313 - Batter Up

Frame 313 - Some Nerve

Frame 313 - Pacing

Frame 313 - Sedative

Frame 313 - Criteria

Frame 313 - Forlorn / Cops In My House

Frame 313 - Spending Dead / Squander (Rehearsal version)

Teuthis Galore - At Last, Architeuthis

Chief Keef - Love Sosa

Jason Crumer - II. Self Deceiver

Jason Crumer - B. Where Were You?

Jason Crumer - III. Betrayal After Betrayal

Jason Crumer - A. After Betrayal

Lil B ‘The Basedgod’ - We Are The World (MOST POSITIVE SONG EVER MADE)

Neurosis - The Doorway
ω by Θ


Monday, July 8, 2013

late night noise summer shows

I haven't been able to DJ since 6 weeks ago, but some fellow WXCI buds have graciously offered their services to keep Late Night Noise happening throughout the summer. In fact, the show is on the air right now!

We should have a playlist up soon. In the meantime, listen in at WXCI.Org and on 91.7FM!