Thursday, September 21, 2017

09/21/07 show & top 10

Prince "Pink Cashmere"
Brujeria "Marijuana"
Weezer "Beach Boys"
Uncle Acid "Crystal Spiders"

Cloakroom "The Sun Won't Let Us Go"
Heatmiser "Plainclothes Man"
Thin Lizzy "Got To Give It Up"

Good Morning "Oppsie"
Emitt Rhodes "Really Wanted You"
Husker Du "Turn On The News"

Tom Tom Club "Wordy Rappinghood"

**Top 10 Jams - Sept 20, 2017**
12. Ariel Pink "Time To Live"
11. Wolves In The Throne Room “Angrboda”
10. Alvvays "In Undertow"
9. Brockhampton "Junky"
8. The Toadies "When I Die"
7. Kelela "LMK"
6. Elder “The Falling Veil”
5. Strange Relations "Ignore Me"
4. Tyler The Creator "I Ain't Got Time"
3. Now Now "Yours"
2. Washer “Tooth & Fist”
1. Electric Wizard "See You In Hell"

Queens Of The Stone Age "Feet Don't Fail Me"
Emitt Rhodes "Mirror"
Lil Yachty "Lady In Yellow"