Monday, December 29, 2014

2014 mixtape 12-29-14

LNN co-hosts Dave and Real_Trap_Rich joined in for the 2014 Mixtape during the day.

LNN best of 2014 special was automated and aired afterwards.

4:00PM - 11:00PM

a few songs from 2014 reissues:
Black Zone Myth Chant "White Voice"
Soundgarden "Black Days III"
Aby Ngana Diop "Yaye Penda Mbaye"
Slint "Pam"
Ngozi Family "Hi Babe"

2014 mixtape:
66.6. Electric Wizard “I Am Nothing”
66. So Cow "Sugar Factory"
65. T.I. f/ Young Thug "About the Money"
64. Alex G "Serpant Is Lord"
63. The Coneheads "Big City Baby"/"Way Things Am"
62. Pay The Rent "Master of Emotions"
61. Kero Kero Bonito "Intro Bonito"

60. Disco Doom “Dead Eye”
59. Fatima “Ridin' 'Round Sky High”
58. Midnight “No Mercy for Mayhem”
57. Total Control “Expensive Dog”
56. Jute Gyte “Endless Moths Swarming”
55. Ariana Grande featuring The Weeknd “Love Me Harder”
54. Hank Wood and the Hammerheads “In Bookings”
Aphex Twin “fz pseudotimestretch [138.85]”
53. Xiu Xiu "Black Dick"
52. Mac Demarco "Let Her Go"
51. Eyehategod “Robitussin and Rejection”

50. Schoolboy Q f/ Kendrick Lamar “Collard Greens”
49. Ex Hex “New Kid”
48. The Cold World “Youthful Expression 2014”/”Hell's Direction” (featuring Cool G Rap)
47. D'Angelo “Prayer”
46. Ava Luna "PRPL"
45. Two Inch Astronaut “Part of Your Scene”
44. Mitski “Jobless Monday”
43. Eno & Hyde “Lilac”
42. Guerilla Toss “367 Equalizer”
41. Freddie Gibbs and Madlib f/ Danny Brown "High"

40. Face the Rail “Outside Looking In”
39. Vertical Scratchers “Kingdom Come”
38. Schoolboy Q “Los Awesome”
37. Priests “Doctor”
36. Uncle Acid "Runaway Girls"
35. Craig Leon “She Wears a Hemispherical Skullcap”
34. Protomartyr “Tarpeian Rock”
33. Hospitality "It's Not Serious"
32. Flagland "Not a Joke"
31. Ava Luna "Daydream"

30. Good Throb “Acid House”
29. Geronimo! “Future Home”
28. D'Angelo “The Charade”
27. Ovlov "The Great Crocodile"
26. Sheer Mag “Hard Lovin'”
25. Palberta "Susan"
Barreracudas “Promises”
24. Azealia Banks “Gimme a Chance”
23. Big Ups “Wool”
22. Yi “On The Bus”
21. Disco Doom "Rice & Bones"

20. Usher “Good Kisser”
19. Vertical Scratchers "Pretend U Are Free"
18. Two Inch Astronaut “Black Fridge Area”
17. Geromimo “Spitting in the Ocean”
16. D'Angelo “1000 Deaths”
15. PC Worship “Baby in the Backroom”
14. Freddie Gibbs and Madlib "Thuggin'"
13. Rae Sremmurd “No Flex Zone”
12. Pile “Special Snowflakes”
11. Charli XCX “Doing It”

10. Palberta “Store”
9. Ex-Breathers “Auto-Correct”
8. Future featuring Pharrell & Pusha T “Move That Dope”
7. Tinashe featuring Schoolboy Q "2 On"
6. The Gotobeds “New York's Alright If You Like Sex and Phones”
5. Grass Is Green “Big Dog Tee Shirt Birthday Weekend”
Grass Is Green “I'm From Dot Too”
4. Tkay Maidza "U-Huh"
3. Shellac “Dude Incredible”
2. D'Angelo “Ain't That Easy”
1. Lil B The BasedGod "No Black Person Is Ugly"
Lil B “Fuck KD”

11:00PM - 2:00AM
Andy Stott "Time Away"
Andy Stott "Violence"
Andy Stott "On Oath"
Andy Stott "Science and Industry"
Andy Stott "No Surrender"
Andy Stott "How It Was"
Andy Stott "Damage"

Aphex Twin "180db"
Naomi Punk "Television Man"
Lil B "I'm The Rap God"
Palberta "All the Way"
Crowbar "Symmetry In White"
Warpaint "Love is To Die"
Goat "Words"
Eyehategod "Agitation! Propaganda"
Richard Dawson "The Vile Stuff"
PC Worship "Odd"
Big Ups "Fresh Meat"
Caribou "Can't Do Without You"
Ariel Pink "White Freckles"
Miguel "nwa"
Vic Mensa "Down On My Luck"
The Channels "1"
Black Pus "Blood Will Run"
Aphex Twin "minipops 67 (source field mix)"
Avey Tare's Slasher Flicks "Little Fang"
Caribou "Our Love"
Ariel Pink "Negativ Ed"
Swans "Oxygen"
Eyehategod "Nobody Told Me"
Perfume Genius "Queen"
PC Worship "Rust"
Cannibal Corpse "Priests of Sodom"
Ringo Deathstarr "Shut Your Eyes"
Tony Molina "Walk Away"
Alex G "Black Hair"
Tony Molina "Hangover Song"
Priests "Right Wing"
Big Ups "Rash"
Ariel Pink "Jello"
Big Neck Police "I'm Gonna Be On Television"
Beak> "Failand"
Ex-Breathers "Pocket"
Sun Kil Moon "Richard Ramirez Died Today of Natural Causes"
Guerilla Toss "Smack the Brick"
Ariel Pink "Sexual Athletics"
Swans "A Little God In My Hands"
Ariel Pink "Black Ballerina"
[Re-broadcast of "Full House Cash Cab" December 2013]

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

12.8.14 playlist

Next week I'm gonna try to be in the air between 12PM and 6PM for the 2014 Mixtape. I'm not sure if this is actually going to happen but if it's not Dec 15 it will probably happen Dec 22 instead.

-'90s Mixtape-

'90s Mixtape is going on hiatus yet again. The show will return yet again at some point in the future. Possibly in Fall 2015. We'll see what happens.

Smart Went Crazy "Con Art"
Bush "Testosterone"
TLC "What About Your Friends"
The Cardigans "Hangin' Around"
Green Day "In The End"
Hum "Iron Clad Lou"
Soundgarden "Limo wreck"
The Verve Pipe "Photograph"
Shudder to Think "Chakka"
Sugar Ray "Rivers"
Self "Paint By Numbers"
Pavement "Conduit For Sale"
The Rentals "California"
Brainiac "Kiss Me You Jacked Up Jerk"
JSBX "Talk About The Blues"
Sneaker Pimps "6 Underground"
Faliure "Golden"
Beastie Boys "Get It Together"
Pharaoh Monch "Simon Says"


PC Worship "Public Shrine"
Torn Hawk "Through Force of Will"
Shellac "Complaint"
Swans "Oxygen"
PC Worship "Baby In The Backroom"
PC Worship "Hawl"
Bankrobber "May 11th"
Two Inch Astronaut "Part of Your Scene"
Geronimo "Future Home"
Palberta "Store"
Bush "Monkey"
Grass Is Green "Scattering Ram"
Guerilla Toss "Smack the Brick"
Guerilla Toss "Be the Breeder"
Puff Daddy "Victory"
Ariel Pink "White Freckles"
Ariel Pink "Four Shadows"
Ariel Pink "Lipstick"
Ariel Pink "Not Enough Violence"