Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Late Night Noise -- July 26, 2021

Biz Markie "Buck Wild" (RIP)
The Beatnuts featuring Biz Markie "You're a Clown" (RIP)
DJ Honda featuring Biz Markie "Biz Freestyle 95" (RIP)
Biz Markie "Romeo and Juliet" (RIP)
Biz Markie "Theyre coming to take me away ha ha" (RIP)
Biz Markie "A One Two" (RIP)
Biz Markie "Spring Again" (RIP)
Biz Markie "Pickin Boogers (12 inch extended version)" (RIP)

George Clinton & The P-Funk Allstars "Somethin Stank / Booty / Jam" (7.23.99)

Nirvana "Gallons of Rubbing Alcohol Flow Through The Strip"
Floor "Floyd"
Revenge "Excommunication"
Satanik Goat Ritual "Black Beast of Damnation"
Gonkulator "Satan's Burial Ground"
Gonkulator "Consumed By Pain"
Gonkulator "Untitled (Anal C*** Cover)"
Gonkulator "Burn Someone's Hair"
R.E.M. "King of Comedy"
Mindforce "IRDA" (NEW)
Silicone Prairie "Open Module"
Freak Genes "Something Else"
Tony Molina "I'm Not down"
Tony Molina "Change My ways"
Nails "Violence Is Forever"
Wolves In The Throne Room "Mountain Magick" (NEW)
Andrew WK "Everybody Sins" (NEW)

Paperboy Prince "Eric Adams Get Out of My Room" (NEW)
The Uptights "Baer" (NEW)
Paperboy Prince "Eric Adams Get Out of My Room"
Fire-Toolz "Shenpa Indicator Light" (NEW)
Climie Fisher "Love Changes Everything"
Robbie Nevil "Dominoes"
Stone Temple Pilots "Seven Caged Tigers"
Radiohead "Bangers + Mash"

Late Night Noise -- July 12, 2021

Forgot to post this whoops

The Uptights "Baer" (NEW)
UFO Or Die "Shock Shoppers"
Research Reactor Corp "Human To Raisan" (NEW)
John Frusciante "Running Away Into You"
Giuseppe Andrews "Rollerblades"
Blur "1992"
Pierre Henry "Musique sans titre V. Cinquieme mouvement"
Yeah Yeah Yeahs "No No No"

Flash Trading "Landlord's Lament" (NEW)
Farrah Abraham "After Prom"
Emily Montes "Take Me Away"
Flossie and the Unicorns "The Bees Secret Formula"
Maneka "Rx Queen" (NEW)

Spazz "Spazz vs Mother Nature"
Iggy Pop "Mass Production"
Life Cereal Rock Music Mystery #3
Uncle Acid "Witches Garden"
Pink Floyd "Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun"
Simon & Garfunkel "Punky's Dilemma"
Chris Weisman "I Took it Off a Record"
Devo "Turnaround"
Prince "All The Critics Love You In New York"
Underworld "Mmm Skyscraper I Love You"

Lil B "Baby Baby"

Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Late Night Noise -- July 5, 2021


Research Reactor Corporation "Demolition Man" (NEW)
Prison Affair "On And On And On" (NEW)
Sunburned Hand Of The Man "Pick A Day To Die" (NEW)
Treepeople "Drawing Class"
Dose "Eyesore"
Ween "Long Legged Sally Was A No Necked *****"
MX-80 "Surfin' Pope-X"
Beneath "A Shrill Manner" (NEW)
Sam Genddel and Josiah Steinbrick "Mouthfeel 5" (NEW)
Mountain Movers "Staggering With A Lantern" (NEW)

***R.I.P. Bryan St Pere***
Hum "Puppets"
Hum "Aphids"

Turnstile "TLC" (NEW)
Turnstile "High Pressure"
Suburban Scum "Self Loathing"
Final Gasp "Haunting Whispper" (NEW)
Merauder "Take By Force"
Biohazard "Shades Of Grey"
Eyehategod "Agitation! Propaghanda!"
Xibalba "Cold"
Windhand "Two Urns"
Quicksand "Omission"

Lil B "Words Not Spoken"
Lil B "No Pressure"

William Onyeabor "Good Name"
Congresswoman Malinda Parker "Mosquito No 2"
Les Rallizes Denudes "Night of the Assassins"