Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Late Night Noise -- July 5, 2021


Research Reactor Corporation "Demolition Man" (NEW)
Prison Affair "On And On And On" (NEW)
Sunburned Hand Of The Man "Pick A Day To Die" (NEW)
Treepeople "Drawing Class"
Dose "Eyesore"
Ween "Long Legged Sally Was A No Necked *****"
MX-80 "Surfin' Pope-X"
Beneath "A Shrill Manner" (NEW)
Sam Genddel and Josiah Steinbrick "Mouthfeel 5" (NEW)
Mountain Movers "Staggering With A Lantern" (NEW)

***R.I.P. Bryan St Pere***
Hum "Puppets"
Hum "Aphids"

Turnstile "TLC" (NEW)
Turnstile "High Pressure"
Suburban Scum "Self Loathing"
Final Gasp "Haunting Whispper" (NEW)
Merauder "Take By Force"
Biohazard "Shades Of Grey"
Eyehategod "Agitation! Propaghanda!"
Xibalba "Cold"
Windhand "Two Urns"
Quicksand "Omission"

Lil B "Words Not Spoken"
Lil B "No Pressure"

William Onyeabor "Good Name"
Congresswoman Malinda Parker "Mosquito No 2"
Les Rallizes Denudes "Night of the Assassins"

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