Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Late Night Noise -- October 11, 2021 ("The Pod" tribute show and more)

Terrine "DJ Meat" (NEW)
Jana Rush "Moanin'" (NEW)
Jacques Renault "Good Times" (NEW)
Karen June Lawrence "Disco Ball" (NEW)
Pierre Henry "Expressionism 1952 musique sans titre cinquieme"
Black Dice "Big Chip" (NEW)
Penny Penny "Shichangani (Remix)"
Hailu Mergia "Sewnetuwa"
Nahawa Doumbia "Dan Te Dinye La"
The Soul Patrol "Mara" (NEW)
Fashion Pimps And The Glamazons "Free World" (NEW)
Van Halen "Push Comes to Shove"
Figate "Dreams Of The Deep"
EXEK "U Mop" (NEW)

**Ween The Pod 30 Year Tribute (Released 9/20/91)**
Ween "Pork Roll Egg & Cheese"
Ween "Love Will Conquer All"
Ween "Sketches of Winkle"
Ween "Don't Sweat It"
Ween "Long Legged Sally Was A No Necked *****"
Ween "Demon Sweat"
Ween "Frank"
Ween "Sorry Charlie"

Lil B "Wasup JoJo"
Lil B "Hip Hop"
(The rest is written down somewhere, we'll fill this in asap)