Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Playlist for 6/28/10

Wow, how fucking good is that jam Mike posted below. Jeez!
Anyway, here is the playlist from the show the other night. It had some pretty rad stuff going on, particularly that new OPN stuff I think. Check it out if you haven't already.

Following the show, we did play a dizzying array of black metal and adult contemporary music for our drive home. I imagine it was perplexing to the casual listener, but to us it was art. Hope you dug it hard.

Halflings – Burning Ambition

Oneohtrix Point Never – Nil Admirari
Oneohtrix Point Never – Describing Bodies
Butthole Surfers – Booze, Tobacco, Dope, Pussy, Cars
Butthole Surfers – No I'm Iron Man
Ipsissimus – Praise Him
Dry Spell – Fallen Into Darkness
Jaap Blonk – Popocatepetel
Jaap Blonk – Der Minister II
Necronomitron – Bloodclot Guts
Ciccone Youth – Platoon II
Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti – L'estat (Acc. To the Widows Maid)
Boris – My Machine
Brainhandle – Smiling
Brainhandle – Smiling Again
RSO – Wonder Why
Lebenden Toten – TV Sells
The Dead C – Power
Magic Lantern – Night Mane
Les Rallizes Denudes – Otherwise My Conviction
Nova Mob – Space Jazz
Knox Om Pax – The Abandonment of All Hope
The Men – Grave Desecration

PS I won't be in next week unfortunately...because I am a fuck.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

get ready for boners

Dave has the playlist from last night's show which should be posted here soon... I don't think he has the playlist from our "post-show" thing (which is an automated hour of Late Night Noise music that plays after we leave) but last night's was pretty lulz..

We were influenced by the new album from Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti ... Pitchfork gave their new album a 9.0: .. which I find intriguing as it's highly influenced by Adult Contemporary Music from the late 70's and early 80's...

And so we played AM Gold gems from Kenny Rogers, America, Paul Davis and Dan Fogelberg separated by Late Night Noise mainstays such as Nunslaughter and Contortions.. You had to be there.

While we wait for last night's playlist plz feel free to have yourself a big ol' boner while watching this brilliance...

Monday, June 28, 2010

OneOhTrix Point Never Mix

This is a mix assembled by the dude from OPN (that's hip for oneohtrix point never) for the magazine FACT. It's got some hot jams, and you can download it. Also check out his new album, Returnal.

1. The Half Dead Organization – Mission
2. Alan Parker – Pulse Sequence
3. Roedelius – Poetry, Pink Blue and Amber
4. Sensations Fix – Fragments of Light
5. Son of Sam – Shah Main
6. Space Opera – Holy River
7. Akvarium – Live
8. John Martyn – Go Easy
9. Alain Renaid – Out of Time
10. Martin Dupont – Bent at the Window
11. Nik Raicevic – Eternity
12. Cube – Stealing
13. Yi Yi Thant – Good Time
14. Airbird – King For the Night
15. Paul Nagle – Skyring (edit)
15. Sphinx – Bad Girl

Damian from Fucked Up interviewing BrokenCyde

Yeah. This happened.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

June 21st 2010

So the show tonight was pretty rad...We didn't break any records or anything, but that's not what it's always about. Sometimes you just gotta grind away, you gotta put the work in, and you get back what you put in.
Or you fail.

This was the playlist.

Ocrilim – TK4 ANNWN
World Burns to Death – Wormwood Star
Lebdenden Toten – Japanese Title
Lebdenden Toten – Buried By the Dead-Nem
Dowcet – Training for Space
All American Rap Band – My Name is George
24 After Midnight – Friends
Dowcet & GLU – Swing Easy
Buds vs Dowcet - Friends
Nurse With Wound – Rock and Roll Station
Death in June – Heaven Streae (Mk II)
Twin Stumps – Drainage City
Zverg – Sadist Fuck
THE SITUATION – The Dreammaker
Charles Bronson – Craig Ferris Sucks a Mean Cock
Charles Bronson – 4 Alarm Counter Fuck
Charles Bronson – One Life Crew Goes Slim Fast
Swirlies – Park the Car By the Side of the Road
Nunu Canavarro – O Fundo Escuro De Alsee
Nunu Canavarro - -
Swans – Only I can Hear, Only I Can Touch, Only I can See
Pantha Du Prince – Lay In A Shimmer
Fang – Landshark
Francis Harold & the Holograms – Two Faggots One Cunt
Francis Harold & the Holograms – The Eagle Can't Fly With One Wing
Wet Hair – Cult Electric Annihilation

And then we played some bullshit after we left. Hope you loved it. Eyehategod vids coming soon. Write on your calendar to go see fucking Kurt Vile in July. Write that shit down!!!

Monday, June 21, 2010


Lebdenden Toten

these folks are an awesome band from PDX (thats Portland Oregon in hip/FAA speak) They've been around for a few years, maybe more...I just got a couple EPs from them finally. Expect it on the show tonight.

Never as cool as Mike

I will never be as cool as Mike. I come in here thinking I have something cool to share with everyone, and I see that he posted something else that just BLOWS IT OUT OF THE WATER!!!


in any case, here's a neat video of MGMT covering the Clean on some radio station in Ohio. It's pretty sweet.

excellent new track from The Situation

It sounds like that one episode of Perfect Strangers when they had Balky do a rap video.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


That is all.

As for the noise.........

I heard some good things about the "No Balls" LP...

And this made me very happy...

Monday, June 14, 2010

We're not gonna be here today

Because we are irresponsible losers who would rather revel in our own misery and that of others than treat you the listener to anything resembling entertainment.

We are doing this instead

You probably should too. Eyehategod with Nactmystium, Ipissimus, Iron Hand and some other band I can't remember playing at Daniel Street in Milford tonight. I think it starts at 7

We'll be back next week. Stay tuned for other important updates. For now, you should probably just get a twitter account and follow Hatebreed.

Also, another important update is that we have a twitter. Latenightnoise is our name on twitter. Follow us and learn what we are doing at any given moment of the day. Which is generally worshiping satan and doing hard drugs.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Cool Stuff on Pitchfork


But seriously there is a cool interview with Blake Judd from Nachtmystium as well as a cool piece with Sun Araw. Worth checking out I think.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Playlist 6-7-10

Not to take away from the vitriol of Mike's post there, but here's some bookkeeping to take care of. We actually did a show on Monday night, and we got going with the noise late because Mike had to finish his Pitchfork's Top 100 of the 1980s (I don't particularly agree with 2 of the top 5) and then I wanted to do a pilot for my proposed new show Country Caravan so we played a buncha Country and Honkey Tonk and Alt Country. We got going around 12:15 or something. I don't remember. We discussed our trip to see BrokenCyde. I forget what else happened.

Here's what we played

Muster Up Violence 集団自殺 (Syudan Jisatsu or Mass Suicide)

Tim Buckley – The Healing Festival
Ata Kak – Obaa Sima
Hermann Kopp – Petrified/Fish
Om – Cremation Chant Ghat II
Combatwoundedveteran – Folded Space Lead Poisoning & Distortion
Spazz – Gummo Love Theme

Zaklon - Piesn Dazdzju
Wet Hair – Cult Electric Annihilation
The Men – Grave Desecration
Chris Watson – No Man's Land
Adam Michalak – First Color

Sleep - Dopesmoker

We'll not be on next week, cuz we'll be seein' Eyehategod at Daniel Street in Milford. You should go.

Sunday, June 6, 2010


So we saw brokencyde. They are real. There is video. Hopefully it will be here soon. Stay tuned, we'll be on tomorrow.