Monday, January 27, 2020

Late Night Noise -- January 27, 2020 (RIP Kobe)

"The Raw After Rumble" B/W "RIP Kobe" B/W "We Did Not Watch The Grammys"

Hey just saying, WXCI was playing Lizzo back in 2013. We were there first baby. Where's our statue?

Juicy J "Who Da Neighbors" (RIP Kobe)
Big Takeover "When The Nuke Hits" (NEW)
Scissorfight "Blood Dust and Rust"
The Good Ones "Where Did You Go Wrong My Love"
ShittyBoys "Game Breaker"
Supermilk "Bullheaded Boy" (NEW)
Wicca Phase Spring Eternal "I Fell"
Midnight "Warning from the Reaper" (NEW)
Saigan Terror "Necronomicon"

Platza "Blinder Mann"
Mamitri Yulith "Ice"
Crash Course In Science "Cardbord Lamb"
Kristian North "Taste In The Mouth"
Sonny Sharrock "Dick Dogs"

Lil Wayne "Kobe"
Lil B "Cook Like Kobe Bryant Based Freestyle"
Lil B "I Go Dumb"

Alex Chilton "Jumpin Jack Flash"
Beck "Steal My Body Home"
The Dead C "Calling Slowly"
Deathchurch "I Am The Impure Pain"
Floor "Every Happy Slumber"
Revenge "Nihilist Militant (Total Rejection)"

Kana "Chimame"
Silver Apples "Lovefingers"
Faust "Lieber Herr Deutschland"
Monster Magnet "25"
Ween "Flies On My Dick"
Ween "I Saw Gener Cryin In His Sleep"
Ween "Touch My Tooter"

Monday, January 20, 2020

Late Night Noise (Now with Lil B Drops) -- January 20, 2020

Thank You Based God.

Bishop Bullwinkle "Hell To The Naw"
ESG "Erase You"
TV On The Radio "Say You Do"
Amos "Steer Clear Of England"
Surface to Air Missive "Trouble Is" (NEW)

Ana Massotti "Agora Ou Nunca Mais"
Technical Space Composer's Crew "Epilogue"
Technical Space Composer's Crew "Mellow Out"
Yoko Ono "Mind Train"
Meat Puppets "Split Myself In Two"
Ivy "Arch-Foe"
Merchandise "What I Want What I Wanted"
Cities "Still Of The Night"
Syudan Jisatsu "Devil Dance"

My Bloody Valentine "Who Sees You"
Husker Du "Dreams Reoccurring"
Vertical Slit "Saturn Is Lodged In Your Throat - You Cough and Level the Universe"
Jerry Green "I Finally Found The Love I Need"
Ghetto Brothers "Ghetto Brothers Power"
Hailu Mergia & Dahlak Band "Sintayehu"

Skull "Armoured Division"
Hawkwind "Born To Go"
Painkille "Devil's Eye"
John Maus "Quantum Leap"
Antoinette Konan "Abidjan Adja"
Jay-Z & Notorious BIG "Brooklyn's Finest"

Lil B "Hipster Girls"
Lil B "I Love Video Games"
Lil B "Throw Yo Hood Up"
Lil B "I Love You"

No Age "Brain Burner" (Live in Brooklyn Above The Auto Parts Store 10/17/09)
No Age "Get Hurt" (Live in Brooklyn Above The Auto Parts Store 10/17/09)
No Age "Ripped Knees" (Live in Brooklyn Above The Auto Parts Store 10/17/09)
No Age "Boy Void" (Live in Brooklyn Above The Auto Parts Store 10/17/09)

Late! (Dave Grohl) "Throwing Needles"
Les Raillzes Denudes "Enter The Mirror"
Suzanne Ciari "Glass Houses"
Dirty Beaches "Horses"
This Heat "Repeat"
Peter Brotzmann "Machine Gun"

"Something With Tongue In The Title" Mixtape

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Late Night Noise: Baked Ziti Takeover -- January 13, 2020

Big Cheese "Write-Off"
Wolf Whistle "Lawnmower Man"
Never Ending Game "God Forgives"
DaBaby "Babysitter"
Lil Pump "Coronao Now"
Sikka Rhymes "Shake Ya Body (Pumpy Riddim)"

Vitti took over the show starting here.

Gonkulator "Leave The Weary Unknown"
Zetsubou Billy "Maximum The Hormone"
Hammer No More The Fingers "Vodka Grasshopper"
Grass Is Green "Gung Ho"
Ween "Ocean Man" (Live in Chicago)
Presidents of the United States of America "Puffy Little Shoes"
Cash Rivers and the Sinners "Children of the Popcorn"
Cash Rivers and the Sinners "Cheap Truck"
Cash Rivers and the Sinners "My Jagwire"
Bongzilla "Amerijuanican"

Contortions "I Can't Stand Myself"
Tricot "E"
Melt Banana "Cracked Plaster Cast"
Low Pass "Nitro"
Otoboke Beaver "Anata Watashi Daita Ato Yome No Meshi"
Boris & Michio Kurihara "Rafflesia"

Mac Miller f/ Lil B "Time Flies"

Attarazat Addahabia & Faradijallah "Aflana"
Ana Mazzotti "Agora Ou Nunca Mais"
General Levy "Mad Them"
Peter Britto "I Want Your Love"
Haruomi Hosono "Asatsuyu"
Sankayi "Il Ne Faut Pas Intervenir"
Antoinette Konan "Abidjan Adja"
Gigi "Mengedegna"
Suzanna Ciani "Glass Houses"
Dirty Beaches "Speedway King"
Candy "Win Free Love"

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Late Night Noise -- January 6, 2020 (Best of 2019)

Not actually the best of 2019 but random stuff that we played on LNN this past year.

Pendant "Dovetail"
Sikka Rymes "Shake Ya Body"
ShittyBoyz "Game Breaker"
Max Graef "Speed Metal Jesus" (2014)
Starcrawler "She Gets Around"
Devil Master "Black Flame Candle"
Civic "Selling Sucking Blackmail Bribes"
Riot City "Livin' Fast"

Steve Lacy "Playground"
Big Baby Scumbag "Black Joe Dirt"
Spelling "Under The Sun"
Ute Wasserman, Jaap Blonk & Michael Vorefeld "Alien Bard"

Eyehategod "Three Black Eyes"
Midnight "Rising Scum"
Gulch "Self Inflicted Mental Terror"
Thee Oh Sees "Scutum & Scorpius"
Holy Serpent "Marijuana Trench"

Sunwatchers "Everybody Play"
Frank Rosaly "Que Dulces Son as Concieones"
Jaap Blonk's Retirement OVerdue "Seahorses"

Kevin Krauter "Pretty Boy"
The Good Ones f/ Nels Cline "Where Did You Go Wrong My Love"

El Alfa f/ Lil Pump "Coronao Now"
Cement Shoes "Unite The Right In Hell"
Carla dal Forno "So Much Better"
Uranium Club "Michael's Soliloquy"
MW1 "My Butt (Part 1 2 and 3)" (2019 remaster) (2014)
Sedona "More Love"
Swain "Negative Space"
Wicca Phase Springs Eternal "I Fell"

Lil B "Carson Daily" (NEW)
Lil B "Pour A Cup" (NEW)

Kool Keith x Junkadelic "Blast"
Wow "Occhi Di Serpente"
Les Filles de Illghadad "Tende I"
Scissorfight "Blood Dudst and Rust"
Lightning Bolt "Don Henley In The Park"
Kim Gordon "Air bnb"

M Geddes Gengras "Passage Under The Mountains"
David Nance Group "Cure vs Disease (Pt 1)"
Sunn 0))) "Frost (C)"
Jute Gyte "The Foam That Flows From The Mouhts of Wild Boars"
Radiohead "Minidisks Hacked MD123"

Thursday, January 2, 2020

Stream the 2019 Mixtape!!!

The whole show minus 1 or 2 songs is now available for streaming on our Mixcloud!!!