Wednesday, February 1, 2023

2022 Mixtape Streams + Late Night Noise Hiatus

Lots of news!!

Good news = Jumping in the Night w/ DJ Queeregeddon is now on WXCI Monday nights at 10PM! We're very psyched the timeslot went to such a great show!

Good news = In case you missed it or want to check it out again, both parts of the 2022 Mixtape show are now streaming on Mixcloud! Much like the last 4 or 5 of these, it was a giant pain to put together but sounded really good afterwards.

  • In Part 1 at 1:37:00, you can hear the "2022 TV Talk" podcast segment with myself, Sad13, and Jobber Kate.

  • Also in Part 1 at 3:09:00, you can check out the "2022 Movies We Did Not Like" podcast with myself, Nick Reinhart, and Jobber Kate.

  • And then in Part 2 at 0:35:00, you may hear the "Top 5 Movies of 2022" podcast thing, again with myself, Nick Reinhart, and Jobber Kate.

  • Not sure if this is bad news or good news = As mentioned throughout the 2022 Mixtape show, Late Night Noise has entered indefinite hiatus for the 2nd and probably final time. The first time was from Fall 2014 until Spring 2017, but this one feels more permanent than the other one. There's no planned send-off show, since the entire June 2021 to Sept 2022 run of shows felt like one giant prolonged finale. We didn't get to play "Farewell" by Boris, but it's posted below.

    I moved to Brooklyn in March 2020 with no planned post-lockdown return. But then I unexpectedly found work in Danbury 5 minutes away from WXCI, conveniently aligning with the show's timeslot, and this signaled an opportunity to capitalize. Then I found work again, closer to where I live, which is too far away to keep up with Late Night Noise.

    But I think we had a pretty good run. It was an honor filling WXCI's Monday night airspace with the weirdest stuff we could find. Thanks so much to anyone who ever listened for an hour or longer, and thanks to past and present WXCI PD's for letting it happen.