Monday, December 28, 2015

2015 Mixtape (FULL LIST)

UPDATE: It's 9:06PM now. We just finished up our first radio show since early January 2015. Thanks for everyone who called in and to @Real_Trap_Rich and Jeff from Mother Tongue for helping with announcing, and special thanks to Alistair and Joe from Spectral Fangs for putting up with our poor sense of time judgement. (We had to cut into the first 35 mins of their show. So sorry!)

"Donald Trump Loves Mexican Food" - @real_trap_rich

Listening to all of these songs has been helpful for determining the results of our slightly more official list, the Hot Mix 2015 which will be posted on at some point over the next couple weeks. Happy New Year!

75. Kamasi Washington "Isabelle"
74. Tenement "You Keep Me Cool"
73. Drake & Future "Big Rings"
72. Gunk "Hippy"
71. Puff Daddy featuring Lil Kim and Styles P "Auction"
70. Babysitter "Hippy In The City"
69. Mac Demarco "Another One"
68. Deerhunter "Snakeskin"
67. Wilco "Random Name Generator"
66. Erykah Badu featuring Andre 3000 "Hello"
65. Beauty Pill "Drapetomania"
64. Stove "Lowt Ide Fins"
63. Alessia Cara “Here”
62. Aaliyah featuring Timbaland "Shakin'"
61. Faith No More "Sunny Side Up"
60. David Bowie "Blackstar"

Stone Temple Pilots "Pop's Love Suicide" (RIP Weiland)

59. Dej Loaf "Back Up"
58. Kurt Vile "Pretty Pimpin'"
57. Gemma "As Ever"
56. Ringo Deathstarr "Heavy Metal Suicide"
55. Vince Staples "Get Paid"
54. Wilco "Cold Slope"
53. Weezer "Everybody Needs Salvation"
52. Palehound "Easy"
51. Philadelphia Collins "Dogsbody"
50. Rob Crow's Gloomy Place “Business Interuptus”
49. Faith No More "Separation Anxiety"
48. Stove "Jock Dreams"
47. Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats "Melody Lane"
46. I Hate Sex "I Fucking Hate Sports"
45. Nicki Minaj featuring Drake & Lil Wayne "Truffle Butter"
44. Failure "Hot Traveller"
43. Kendrick Lamar "The Blacker The Berry"
42. Tahtiportti “Poikarakkaus”
41. Beak> "The Meader"
40. Palm "Doggy Doctor / "You Are What Eats You"
39. Earl Sweatshirt "Mantra"
38. Tame Impala "Stranger In Moscow"
37. The Internet featuring Vic Mensa "Go With It"
36. Alex G "Thorns"
35. Ava Luna "Coat of Shellac"
34. Radiohead "Spectre"
33. Babysitter "Hard Times"
32. Trust Fund "Dreams"
31. Surface To Air Missive "Who Do I Think You Are"
30. Faith No More "Superhero"
29. Miguel "Coffee (Fucking)"
28. Krill "Tiger"
27. Dilly Dally "Purple Rage"
26. Alex G "Brite Boy"
25. Failure "Mulholland Drive"
24. Stove "Dusty Weather"
23. Homeshake "Heat"
22. Janet Jackson "No Sleeep"
21. The Internet "Under Control"
20. Alex G "Kicker"
19. Surface To Air Missive "Going Out"
18. Philadelphia Collins "Sofa Queen"
17. Carly Rae Jepsen "Making the Most of the Night"
16. Palm “Ankles”
15. Miguel "The Valley"
14. Vince Staples “Norf Norf”
13. Gnarwhal “Have Fun Tomorrow from Ozzy / Stella”
12. Yuck “Hold Me Closer”
11. The Internet featuring Janelle Monae "Gabby"

Motorhead "Ace of Spades" (RIP Lemmy)

10. Dr. Dre “Genocide”
9. Palehound "Healthier Folk"
8. Earl Sweatshirt "Grief"
7. Kendrick Lamar "King Kunta"
6. Alex G “Bug”
5. Two Inch Astronaut "Good Behavior"
4. Miguel “Damned”
3. Surface To Air Missive “Get in the Truck”
2. Missy Elliott featuring Pharrell Williams “WTF (Where They From)”
1. Kendrick Lamar "Alright"