Monday, May 27, 2019

Late Night Noise -- May 27, 2019

Mrs. Miller "Monday Monday"
Mrs. Miller "The Girl From Ipanema"
Halfsour "Blurred Camera Phone"
Uranium Club "Operation"
Ween "Sketches of Winkle"
The Ponys "Prosthetic Head"
Midnight "Sadist Sodomystic Seducer"
Zig Zags "Killer of Killers"

Mark Arm "Masters of War"
Merry Go Round "You're A Very Lovely Woman"
The Cyrkle "I'm Happy Just To Dance With You"
Sunny Murray "Straight Ahead"
June of 44 "I Get My Kicks For You"

Nunslaughter "Burn The Cross"
Nunslaughter "Ride My Nightmare"
Boredoms "Bubblebop Shot"
Brutal Truth "Pork Farm"
Brutal Truth "Rumours"
Brutal Truth "Foolish Bastard"
Gary Young "Where Are You At"
Yuck "Rubber"

Windhand "Diablerie"
Ciara "Goodies"
LL Cool J "To Da Break Of Dawn (Remix)"

Lil B "Go Stupid Go Dumb"

Late Night Noise -- May 20, 2019 (Some of last week's show)

not all of what we played but here is some of it

Elias "Long Live Elias" (Song about Hartford from Money in the Bank PPV, Recorded at the XL Center on May 19, 2019)
Long Hots "Nickle & Dime" (monday night raw)
Outlaw Order "Alcohol Tobacco Firearms"
Obituary "Body Bag"
LOTION "Unplugged"
LOTION "This Is Lotion"

Jaap Blonk "Deel 4"
M Geddes Gengras "Passage Under The Mountains"
Beak> "Life Goes On"
Fearless Leader "Hey Satan"
Anxious "Stony Brook"

Pat Travers "Snortin' Whiskey"
Skating Polly "Play House"
Donnie and Joe Emerson "Baby"
Lungbutter "Intrinsic"

Monday, May 13, 2019

Late Night Noise -- May 13, 2019

After a strong 6 week run of dopeness, this week's show is/was kinda bleh but it was ok.

Congratulations to WWE Champions Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch on their "instagram official" status.

Jocko "Muddy Waters"
Pentagram "Sign of the Wolf"
King Crimson "Fallen Angel"
David Nance Group "Cure Vs. Disease Part 1"
Beak> "Life Goes On"
Spice Boys "Dream Vendor"
No Trend "Teen Love"
Peter Gabriel "Games Without Frontiers"
Freddie Hubbard "Mr. Clean"

Gary Byrd "Soul Travellin' (The GBE) (Part 1)"
Magnitude "Opposition"
Fuming Mouth "Burning Hand"
Type O Negative "Kill All the White People"
Mercyful Fate "Satan's Fall"
White Witch "Class of 2000"
Donnie & Joe Emerson "Baby"

Lil B "We See How That Work"

Jungle Brothers "I'll House You"
Ultramagnetic MCs "Ain't It Good To You"
Slick Rick "Teenage Love"
Sonic Youth "The Good and The Bad"

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Late Night Noise -- May 6, 2019

Beak> "Life Goes On"
Gregory Isaacs "Never Be Ungrateful"
Scientist "The Voodoo Curse"
King Crimson "Starless"
Alex Chilton "Jumpin Jack Flash"
Eyehategod "Three Black Eyes"
Otoboke Beaver "6 Day Working Week Is A Pain"
Mindforce "Fades Away"
Mercyful Fate "Running Free"
DNA "Lionel"
Ween "Demon Sweat"
Beck "Outcome"
Heatmiser "Blackout"
Aaliyah "One In A Million"
D'Angelo "1000 Deaths"

Script "UFO's Fly Again"
Flying Lizards "Money B"
Dr. Octagon "I'm Destructive"
N*E*R*D "Rollin' em 7's"
Weezer "Thief You've Taken All That Was Me"
Weezer "Tragic Girl"
The Rentals "Frisbee Days"
Anika "No One's There"

Wesley Willis "Electric Eel"
Mac Demarco "Rock n Roll Night Club"
Wire "I Am The Fly"
Rake "Motorcycle Shoes"

Chocolate "Conga forte, rico cajan"
Headroom "New Heaven"

**Mandatory BasedGod**
Lil B "Riding Skating Rollin Painting"

Edwin Birdsong "She's Wrapped Too Tight"
Sly and the Family Stone "Somebody's Watching You"