Saturday, July 18, 2020

1991 Mixtape -- June 15, 2004

Here's a dorky old show from 2004! Back when I actually had listeners. "Orange Is the New Black" liked this show so much that it appears in the book. (See photo.) Joe Mariano guests in this a few times. This was one of my first times recording a show live with a CD burner, and I forgot to turn up the recording volume during the first half of the Top 10, so #10 thru #6 are missing.

Friday, July 10, 2020

Late Night Noise "Big Bag Of Tapes 1" -- July 10, 2020

This is a funny meme because literally no one listens to music on iPods in 2020.

Still "Quar in Brooklyn." Hopefully the sound quality isn't too bad.

We found Discogs 100 most expensive rare tapes of 2019 and it seemed like a good list to explore on Late Night Noise. The music on these tapes must be pretty amazing if people are willing to pay like $500 or whatever.

So that's what's happening. Plus more new music, protest music, mandatory basedgod, etc. Here's what we played...

Thirdface "Grasping At The Root" (NEW)
Osees "Blood On Your Boots" (NEW)
Baldi/Gerycz Duo "Spectral Light Whirl" (NEW)

100. Every Time I Die (1999 demo)
Every Time I Die "To Die For"

99. Descontrol Producto De Las Circunstancias
Descontrol "Toque De Queda"
Descontrol "Suicidio"

98. Koncrete Method Richmond 2 Oakland
Koncrete Method "3000 Miles To The Bronx""

97. Repugnant Spawn Of Pure Malevolence
Repugnant "Rapturous Genocide"

96. Shizuka [1992 solo tape]
Shizuka "The Burial of a Shooting Star" (this version is from 1995 Live Shizuka LP)

Space Needle "Sun Doesn't Love Me" (if anyone has a copy of the Neil Young cover on the b-side of this single please send it over)
Narrow Head "Night Tryst" (NEW)
Nnamdi "Heartless" (NEW)
Boris "Lust" (NEW)

95. Mortem Slow Death (demo)
Mortem "Nightmare"

94. Various Dreambox_1 [10 cassette box set]
Hong Kong Express "Girl In The Lexus Showroom"

93. Various New Breed! (There's a 70 minute documentary about this tape on Youtube)
Absolution "Never Ending Game"
Bad Trip "Something More"

92. Hiroshi Yoshimura 音の島
Hiroshi Yoshimura "Ka Wa Mo"

91. Mónica Naranjo Bad Girls
Mónica Naranjo "Bad Girls"

Turnstile x Mall Grab "I Wanna Be Blind" (NEW)

90. Céline Dion and Score By Lewis Furey The Peanut Butter Solution (movie soundtrack)
Céline Dion "Listen To the Magic Man"

89. Ganja Boys Clique Ganja Boys Clique (EP)
Ganja Boys Clique "Funky 4 U"

88. The Cure Happily Ever After (comp)
The Cure "A Forest"

87. The Cure Pornography (pre-release promo)
The Cure "The Hanging Garden"

86. Life Of Agony The Stain Remains (demo)
Life Of Agony "Respect"

Birdbrain "Drown"
Knot "Foam" (NEW)

Lil B "Fleek" (NEW)

85. Kengo Luchi Jaki Matsuri '89 Live
Kengo Luchi "終末奴隷"
Kengo Luchi "南無阿弥陀仏の夕暮れに"
Kengo Luchi "その時はクスリ"

84. DJ Screw Freestyle Kings (chopped & screwed mixtape)
Ja Rule "How Many Wanna Die"

83. Big B Nothing But Game
Big B "Game 4 a Bitch (ft. Deco-D)"

82. Various Pandemonium
Rough Luxury Crew "Pandemonium"

81. Makaveli "Hail Mary" (posthumous Tupac, cassingle)
Makaveli "Hail Mary (Radio Edit)"

80. Sub Contents (1996 demo)
Sub Contents "Parinoid"
Sub Contents "Underbomber Theories Pt 2"

79. Late! Pocketwatch (Dave Grohl, 1992)
Late! "Throwing Needles"
Late! "Just Another Story About Skeeter Thompson"

[We realized here that Discogs counted wrong so we skipped #78]
[We also could not find any music from #77 or #76]

77. Deep South Click Eye To Eye (1997 album)
76. Deep South Click How Long Will It Be (1998 album)
Deep South Click "Living In My Ghetto" (from their 1996 tape)

75. YippiYo “007” "Out Tha Bounds" (EP maxisingle)
YippiYo "007" "Out Tha Bounds (Haze Mixx)"

Ritual Clearing "Mensis" (NEW)
Screaming Trees "Ivy"
Screaming Trees "Walk Through to This Side"
Geronimo "Love Conduit"
Slow Caves "Walk In The Park" (NEW)

74. The Legend Lady J Life In The Ghetto
The Legend Lady J "It's The 90s M-Town"

73. A Tribe Called Quest The Low End Theory (pre-release promo)
A Tribe Called Quest "Buggin' Out"

72. Ariel Kalma Osmose (1978 album)
Ariel Kalma "Gongmo"

71. SAINT PEPSI Hit Vibes (2014 cassette reissue)
Saint Pepsi "Cherry Pepsi"

70. Hootie & The Blowfish (1990 demo)
Hootie & The Blowfish "Look Away"

69. Cro-Mags Age Of Quarrel (1985 demo -- different from LP with the same name)
Cro-Mags "By Myself"
Cro-Mags "Face The Facts"

CCR Headcleaner "Half A Tooth" (NEW)
Thurston Moore "Hashish" (NEW)
Hum "Desert Rambler (Extended version)" (NEW)