Sunday, February 27, 2011


Thanks to the enormous increase in publicity due to the recent addition of our "Mandatory Sisqo" feature, Sisqo is currently a trending topic on Twitter.!/search/Sisqo

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Monday, February 21, 2011

hell yeah it's the 2/21/11 playlist SWAG

Radiohead "Feral"
Radiohead "Bloom"
Boredoms "Vision Creation Newsun (edit)"
Nachtmystium "No Funeral"
Broken Water "Normal Never Happened"
Oneohtrix Point Never "Preyouandi"
The Peter Brotzmann Sextet "Nipples"
Spectrum "My Love for You Never Died Away But My Soul Gave Out & Withered"
Spectrum "Sweet Running Water"

This is when we tried an on-air phone-in experiment with a live caller.. And then Mandatory Sisqo happened...

Mya feat. Sisqo "It's All About Me"
Motorhead "Killed By Death"
Bongzilla "Trinity (Gigglebush)"
Boris & Michio Kurihara "Rainbow"
Motorhead "Overkill"
Ween "Flies On My Dick"
Daniel Johnston "Caspar The Friendly Ghost"
Andrew WK "Tear It Up"
Merchandise "I Get Lost"
Space Needle "Old Spice"
Flipper "Love Canal"
Fang "Law Order"
Mutation "Cannibalistic Horror"
Radiohead "Little By Little"
Radiohead "Codex"

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Good V-Day show / 33 Greatest Shoegaze Jams Of Alltime

Here's tonight's playlist ...

33. The Jesus And Mary Chain "Reverence"
32. My Bloody Valentine "Loomer":
31. Pale Saints "Sights Of You"
30. Swervedriver "Son Of Mustang Ford"
29. Ride "Leave Them All Behind"
28. My Bloody Valentine "You Never Should"
27. Catherine Wheel "Black Metallic"
Curve "Coast Is Clear (live)"
Ringo Deathstarr "So High"
26. Lush "Sweetness And Light"
25. My Bloody Valentine "Lose My Breath"
24. Loop "Black Sun"
23. Chapterhouse "Pearl"
22. My Bloody Valentine "To Who Knows When"
The Cure "End"
21. Rollerskate Skinny "Speed To My Side"

-Mandatory Sisqo-
Dru Hill feat. Redman "How Deep Is Your Love"

20. Spacemen 3 "Suicide (live)"
19. Lilys "February Fourteenth"
18. Teenage Fanclub "Everything Flows"
17. My Bloody Valentine "Feed Me With Your Kiss"
16. Slowdive "Souvlaki Space Station"
15. The Stone Roses "I Wanna Be Adored"
14. Bardo Pond "Tommy Gun Angel"
13. My Bloody Valentine "Soon"
12. Ride "Vapour Trail"
11. The Swirlies "Two Girls Kissing"
10. My Bloody Valentine "Only Shallow"
9. Yo La Tengo "From A Motel 6"
8. The Jesus And Mary Chain "Never Understand"
7. Swervedriver "Rave Down"
6. My Bloody Valentine "Sometimes'
5. Blur "Sing"
4. Adorable "Sunshine Smile"
3. Ride "Dreams Burn Down"
2. The Jesus And Mary Chain "Just Like Honey"
1. My Bloody Valentine "You Made Me Realise"

Monday, February 14, 2011 special tonight

Late Night Noise counts down the 33 Greatest Shoegaze Tracks ever tonight starting at 10PM..

It was originally going to be a special only playing My Bloody Valentine, but that might have gotten boring, so they'll be placing and playing often on tonight's show.. Shoegaze just sounds like Valentines Day.. It just does. Trust me on this.

As always, we'll be making room for listener requests, and week 3 of Mandatory Sisqo will be on as scheduled..

Friday, February 11, 2011

late night noise playlist 2/7/11

I forgot to post this earlier...

1984 Showtime On Broadway
ABIGOR - Kingdom Of Darkness
Motorhead - Too Late Too Late
45 Grave - Partytime
Witch - Changing
Nirvana - Hairspray Queen
Problem Solvers - D.O.G. Song
Scott Murphy - Bird In The House
Ween - Polka Dot Tail
Boris & Michio Kurihara - Starship Narrator
My Bloody Valentine - You Never Should
Brujeria - Sacrificio
Sebadoh - No Way Out
Sun Ra - And Otherness
Fang - Law Order
Can - Pinch
Bill Cosby Pokemon Rap

Will Smith featuring Dru Hill "Wild Wild West"

Black Out Band "Video Games"
DNA "Size"
Faust "J'Al Mal Aux Dents" & most of Side 1 of the "Tapes" LP
Electric Wizard "Dopethrone"
Black Flag "Southern Rise"

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

fuck yes

playlist 1-31-11 / Sundance 2011 review

lots of calls tonight... some requests also, all of which were played. i'm assuming everyone who called was the same person, but you never know.. maybe we actually have listeners?

Tonight we also started a new feature.. An artist spotlight similar to Oz's "Mandatory Maiden" (his weekly Iron Maiden block) and "Mandatory Dylan" which we've also heard on WXCI over the past year.. as well as Mandatory Metallica, Breakfast Beatles, Whole Lotta Led, etc, etc.. So it was obvious that "Mandatory Sisqo" would be the weekly artist spotlight that fits our show the best. We received some positive feedback from callers so it may be sticking around for future editions of the show..

Ween "Reggaejunkyjew"
Ween "I Play It Off Legit"
Motorhead "Jailbait"
Contortions "I Can't Stand Myself"
Andrew WK "Not Going To Bed"
Oneohtrix Point Never "Preyouandi"
Sebadoh "Messin' Around"
Sebadoh "Visibly Wasted II"
Sebadoh "No Way Out"
My Bloody Valentine "Nothing Much To Lose"
Rescue One "Chateau 19"
Mortician "Decayed"
Mutation "Cannibalistic Horror"
Brujeria "Seis Seis Seis"
Can "Sing Swan Song"
Beck "Steal My Body Home"
Electric Wizard "Satanic Rights Of Drugula"
Tyler The Creator "French"
Dr. Octagon "3000"
Dr. Dre "Let Me Ride"
Bongzilla "Keefmaster"
Oneida "Treasure Plane"
Boris & Michio Kurihara "You Laughed Like A Watermark"
Fang "An Invitation"

NEW FEATURE: Mandatory Sisqo
Dru Hill "In My Bed"

Black Dice "Vegetable"
Atari Teenage Riot "Digital Hardcore"
Ween "Awesome Sound"
Peter Grudzien "White Trash Hillbilly Trick"
Black Dice "Urban Supermist"
Oneohtrix Point Never "Describing Bodies"
Flipper "Love Canal"
Homostupids "I Am The Hawk"
Nirvana "Endino Jam"
Rake's Intellegence Agent LP played in its entirety

Towards the end of the show we talked about some of the movies I saw at Sundance this year, all of which I thought were good, which is the first time I've personally experienced this in the 3 years that I've attended... In case anyone was wondering:

  • "The Future": This is Miranda July's new movie. She previously directed "Me You And Everyone We Know" which I've never seen, but now I kinda want to.. "The Future" is narrated by a talking cat and includes sequences with time-space warping.
  • "Hobo With A Shotgun": Same kind of movie as Machete... Lots of blood and nice boobies and a homeless guy cleanin' up the streets... with a shotgun (obviously).
  • "The Legend Of Beaver Dam: This is the best short that's ever been shown at Sundance.. probably.. Try and find this one if you can. Highly recommended.
  • "Uncle Kent": DIY 90's-looking low-budget movie with a great script and a cast of about 5 people. It looked like it was shot on a mac laptop. This one also has nice boobs.
  • "Kaboom": Gregg Araki also did Doom Generation, Mysterious Skin, and Nowhere which is in my top 5 movies ever, so I was psyched for this.. I didn't expect it to be as good as Nowhere, but it def met expectations. There's def lots of A+ boobs as well.
  • "Being Elmo": I actually didn't get to see this.. I was in the wait list line but it was sold out. It's about the guy who does Elmo.
  • "The Terrys": A short film from Tim & Eric. I lmao'd.
  • "Fight For Your Right Revisited": This is actually offensively bad and not recommended. I love Beastie Boys, but this short succeeded in making me hate pretty much every current Hollywood celeb that appears in this, and even a few who don't.. (except for Martin Starr who I will never hate no matter what)..
  • "Twilight: New Moon": I didn't watch this at Sundance, but rather at a friend's house the following night.. Sorry kids, but this is honestly one of the worst things I've ever seen in my life.
  • Also outside of Sundance, I viewed (or reviewed) Kickass, City Of God, Breakin 2 Electric Boogaloo, Cool Dog, Kangaroo Jack, Kingergarten Cop, a "Best Of Triumph The Insult Comic Dog" DVD, and a "Best Of Chris Farley" DVD. I can't remember the last time I watched so much over a 6 day period... Yeah anyway...