Tuesday, January 15, 2013

late night noise playlist 1/14/13

on this show we were joined by fellow WXCI homie Rich Kokinchak. this was Mike's first official Late Night Noise show since December 10th. (dec 17 was the "2012 mixtape" special... on dec 24 we re-aired the "late night noise xmas special" for like the 4th year in a row... dec 31 there was no show due to new years... and jan 7th curt wargo and catwoman filled in for us... hopefully we'll have some audio from the jan 7th show to post on our soundcloud account very soon.)

here's last night's playlist...

(pre-Late Night Noise)
Mac Demarco “Moving Like Mike”
Elastica “2:1” (peel session)
Toro Y Moi “Best Around”
Busta Rhymes “Dangerous”
System of a Down “Shimmy”
Witch “Seer”
Hum “staring at the sun”
LL Cool J “Smokin’ Dopin’”
Heavy Vegetable “Couch”
Foo Fighters “Exhausted”

-Late Night Noise-
Broken Water “Seaside”
Snailboy “Pewie”
Nameless Cults “Medic”
FNU Ronnies “Laptop vs. Beef”
FNU Ronnies “Cut to Ribbons”

Spontaneous Overthrow “Money”
Silver Apples “Confusion”
Silver Apples “Fantasies”
Spazz “Mad at the World”
Spazz “Tripper”
Spazz “Uniform”
Spazz “Bore”
Spazz “Hard Boiled”
Charles Bronson “Obligatory Jock Slaughter Song”
Charles Bronson “You Get What You Pay For”
Charles Bronson “Charles Bronson Will Not Turn Into A ___ Band”
Charles Bronson “Rich Crusties Shall Pay”
Charles Bronson “Fuckin Drunken Uncle”
Charles Bronson “Fratguy On The Barbi”
Charles Bronson “I Lied When I Said I Liked Your Zine”
Charles Bronson “Playing Lotto”

Tim Maia “Ela Partiu”
No Age “Errand Boy”
Thurston Moore / John Moloney “Caught On Tape side 2”

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

late night noise playlist Jan 7 2013

Late Night Noise continues into 2013 with all new adventures....................................

Awesome show this week! The playlist was chosen by Curt Wargo who graciously filled in while Mike is out of town. Thanks Curt!! Also thanks to Kitty and WXCI's staff for helping with station access.


Gary Davis - The Professor Here
The Screamin' Mee-Mees - Oscillations (Silver Apples cover)
Jack Ruby - Hit and Run
Pussy Galore - Yu Gung (Einsturzende Neubauten cover)
Link Cromwell & the Zoo - Crazy Like A Fox (Lenny Kaye from the Patti Smith Group's 1960s band)
Arthur Russell - Springfield
Capsule - Step On The Floor
kz & Hachioji P featuring Hatsune Miku - Weekender Girl
Perfume - Laser Beam
Perfume - Vitamin Drop

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - Candy Candy
Perfume - Nee
Perfume - Night Flight
Capsule - Jelly (album edit)
Capsule - Megalopolis
Capsule - Fruits Clipper
Perfume - Spring Of Life
Perfume - Polyrhythm
Clyde Alexander - Gotta Get Your Love (from the P&P Records "Super Disco" compilation)
Can - Aspectacle
Group Inerane - Telilite
Tinariwen - Tenere Taqhim Tossam
Mike Rep and the Quotas - Out
Jad Fair / Half Japanese - Daytona Beach
Moe Tucker - Crackin' Up
Shin Joong Hyun - Moon Watching

Shin Joong Hyun (with The Golden Grapes) - Please Don't Bother Me Anymore
Mike Rep and the Quotas - I Was There
Kevin Ayers - Singing a Song In the Morning
The Junior Raymen - The Rat-Fink
King Uszniewicz and His Uszniewicztones - Yukkum Yukkum
Cheeze - Dancing Queen (Abba cover) (from a 7-inch single on Bob Records from the early '90s)
Cheeze - Dire Wolf (Grateful Dead cover) (from the same 7-inch single as above)
2NE1 - I Am The Best
Girls' Generation - Gee
Perfume - Dream Fighter
Perfume - Natural ni Koishite
Arthur Russell - Calling All Kids
Shannon - Let the Music Play
Saori@destiny - Collage

Neu! - Isi
The B-52s - 52 Girls
Vijaya Anand - Neeve Nanna (from "Dance Raja Dance" compilation)
Tomoe Shinohara - Yaruki Sensation
Tomoe Shinohara - Chime
Perfume - Point
Ahzz - New York Moving
Dinosaur - Kiss Me Again (original edit) (from "Disco Not Disco" compilation)
The Dirtbombs - Good Life (Inner City cover)
Roxy Music - Virginia Plain
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - Giri Giri Safe
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - PonPonPon

The Montclairs - Hung Up On Your Love (from "The Northern Soul Of Jewel-Paula-Ronn" compilation)
The Free Design - Bubbles
Flipper's Guitar - Cool Spy On A Hot Car
Loose Joints - Tell You Today
Perfume - Butterfly
Perfume - Zero Gravity
Yello - Daily Disco
The Associates - Message Oblique Speech
Dexpistols - Main Street Electrical Parade (from "House Disney" compilation)
Capsule - Starry Sky
New Order - The Perfect Kiss