Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Late Night Noise 5th Annual "Raw After Summerslam" Edition -- August 23, 2021

Pankbend "Informaat"
Lassie "Camp David"
Mick Flannel "Hate Cleaning"
Liars "My Pulse To Ponder" (NEW)
Nirvana "Radio Friendly Unit Shifter"
Six Organs of Admittance "Jai Mal aux Dents" (NEW)
Teenage Fanclub "Free Again"
Spazz "Spazz vs Mother Nature"
Paperboy Prince "Eric Adams Get Out Of My Room"
Ultramagnetic MCs "Kool Keith Housing Things"
Beans "Hot Venom"
Raekwon "Incarcerated Scarfaces"
Biz Markie "Romeo & Juliet"

Ata Kak "Obaa Sima"
Yona-Kit "Skeleton King"
Freak Genes "Followed It Down" (NEW)
Andrew WK "Not Going To Bed"
James Chance & Contortions "Jaded"
Rescue One "Movie Viewers"
Randga "Waldorf Hysteria"
Eric Copeland "Fun Dink Death"
Caribou "Sun"
Kana "Kuuchuu Buranko"
Jaap Blonk "Seepferdchen und Flugfische"
Jaap Blonk "just a thought"
Jaap Blonk "der minister I"
Jaap Blonk "glasslass"
Jaap Blonk "Ango laïna"
Rukkus "All Better Now"

Tribute to Black Ken released this week in 2017...
Lil B "Hip Hop"
Lil B "Rare Art"
Lil B "Ride (Hold Up)"

Gang Starr "Mass Appeal"
Soundgarden "Limo Wreck"
Aphex Twin "#6 (Curtains)"
Goo Goo Dolls "Name"
Wicked Witch "Electric War (Vocal)"
Eyehategod "Robitussin and Rejection"
Satyricon "Mother North"
Expander "Opyulent Tesseract Ascension"
Expander "Mechanized Deathcanal"
Dowcet "01 (Boon Dime)"
Lil Yacthy "FYI"
Lil Yachty "Priorities"
Cibo Matto "Know Your Chicken"
Rake "B.D.B."

Monday, August 23, 2021

Late Night Noise -- August 16, 2021

More incomplete recent playlists...

Urochromes "Live 1/16/2016"
Black Dice "Cone Toaster"
Bernie Worrell "Dissinfordollars"
Virginia Genta & Chris Corsano "Slate Explosion"
Paul Beaver & Bernard L Krause "Tape Delay"
Gary Young "Real Calll (No Video)"
Hypnotizing Chickens "I'm On Fire"
Jaap Blonk, Lou Mallozzi & Ken Vandermark "Aarr Bienn"
Spazz "Loach"
Spazz "Droppin Many Ravers"
Spazz "Doo Doo Dah"
Spazz "Lethal"

Late Night Noise -- August 9, 2021

Some incomplete recent playlists...

Thee Oh Sees "Jai Mal Aux Dents" (NEW)
Tony Benn Feghaly "Free Blow (Dub Version)"
Ouiness "Zina"
Sharhabil Ahmed "Argos Farfish"
Eric Copeland "Feeding A Giant"
Babysitter "Hard Times"
Silicone Prairie "Born Into Trouble" (NEW)
Hypnotizing Chickens "Buttoned Down Assholes" (NEW)
Gary Young "Hospital For the Chemically Insane"
Ween "Skycruiser"
Canal Irreal "Que Paso" (NEW)
Section H8 "Hate" (NEW)
Floor "When The Pigs Broke Free"
Eyehategod "The Trial of Johnny Cancer"

Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Late Night Noise -- August 2, 2021

Black Dice "White Sugar" (NEW)
Clibbus "Haha Table Hahahaha Money" (NEW)
Ween "Licking The Palm For Guava"
Ween "Mushroom Festival In Hell"
Sial "Kita Dilahirkan Untuk Mati" (NEW)
Swiftumz "It's Beautiful"
Eli Keszler "Daily Life" (NEW)
The Cardigans "Iron Man"
Mope City "Covered In Might" (NEW)
Eric's Trip "My Room"
Hypnotizing Chickens "I'm On Time" (NEW)
Meltdown "Alien Autopsy"
Research Reactor Corp "VHS"
Research Reactor Corp "Toxic Beat"
Paperboy Love Prince "Eric Adams Get Out Of My Room"

FIEVEL IS GLAUQUE "Simple Affairs" (NEW)
Eiffel 65 "Too Much Of Heaven"
Aaron Dilloway & Lucrecia Dalt "Bordeándola" (NEW)
Helium "Ghost Car"
Sam Gendel "Sometimes I Feel So Good" (NEW)
Todd Rundgren "Zen Archer"
Moin "Crappy Dreams Count" (NEW)
Goodbye World "Hacked To Pieces" (NEW)
Gridiron "World At War" (NEW)
Psico Galera "Mani Sporche" (NEW)
Canal Irreal "Manarchist" (NEW)
Slackersound "Cigarette"
Butthole Surfers "Cowboy Bob"
Butthole Surfers "Gary Floyd"
Rescue One "Movie Viewers"
Kool Keith "Drugs (Dowcet Remix)"
Sinister Attraction "Ultraviolent"

Boris & Michio Kurihara "You Laughed Like A Water Mark"
Anonymous "Corporate Food"
David Hess "Etude for Chainsaw / Goodbye Dick"
Everything Is Terrible mix
Peter Grudzien "Queen of all the Blue-Eyed"

Lil B "Still Run It"
Lil B "Based News"

Outburst "The Hardway"
Outburst "Thin Ice"
Raw Deal "Backtrack"
Raw Deal "Wall Of Hate"
Ganja Boys Clique "Funky 4 U"
Kengo Luchi "南無阿弥陀仏の夕暮れに"
Lil Wayne "The Block Is Hot (Chopped & Screwed)"

Vampire Rodents "Momentous"
Ween "Little Birdy"
Rough Luxury Crew "Pandemonium"
Late! "Bruce"
Late! "Milk"
Hootie & The Blowfish "Let My People Go"
Cro-Mags "World Peace"
Cro-Mags "Hard Times"
Mercyful Fate "Curse Of The Pharaohs"
Mercyful Fate "Return Of The Vampire"
The Black Hoods "Knox Landing (Visit The Beat)"
The Black Hoods "I Gots To Stay Paid"
The Trip "Caronte I"
Deep Wound "Pressure"
Deep Wound "Training Ground"
Deep Wound "Don't Need"
Guru Guru "Baby Cake Walk"