Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Late Night Noise -- June 6, 2022

Late Night Noise is here for the summer - bringing you what you need.

We recently started using the term "artifacts" to describe our genre. Late Night Noise is an archival curation showcasing historical artifacts.

We are also the bonkers FM radio soundtrack for your midnight blaze.

Prison Affair "Bedtime" (NEW)
Otis Houston Jr "Cynthia Ali" (NEW)
John Dwyer & co "City Maggot" (NEW)
Gary Wilson "6.4 = Make Out"

OPNV "Shanghai Dreams" (NEW)
Antler Joe and The Accidents "Words" (New reissue)
Jade "Music Slave"
Television "Glory"

Arlekin "Go Znaesh Da Go Vidish"
Krallice "Archlights"
Butthole Surfers "Revolution Part 2"
Crime of Passing "Vision Talk" (NEW)
Fu Manchu "King of the Road"
Primus "Welcome to this World"
The False Berries "Evening Hour" (NEW)
Isotope Soap "Autistic Eye Dig Dig Dig" (NEW)

Mariah (not sure what the song title was)
Pierre Henry "Les Amours de la Pleuve (1964)"
Miles Davis "On The Corner / New York Girl / (etc)"
Everything Is Terrible montage
Sleep "Sonic Titan (Live)"
Uncle Acid "Vampire Circus"
Dazzling Killmen "Windshear"
Akaten "Lathan's Snipe"
Last of SG's "Bye To Bags"
Omoide Hatoba "Pikadom"
Mounta Shasta "S171"
Stereolab & Nurse With Wound "Trippin' With The Birds"