Thursday, September 29, 2016

"Untitled Afternoon Thing" 9/28/16

Our next few shows will all be starting at 3PM or later due to events that are taking place at WXCI. Today's also started at 3:30 and was extended to 6:30. The show is now temporarily listed on the schedule as "Untitled Afternoon Thing" while we try to figure out what we're gonna do with the bi-weekly shift for the rest of the month.

The show will be continuing on Mondays and Wednesdays as frequently as possible up until Monday, November 7th.

Here's what got played today between 3:30PM and 6:30PM:

Left & Right "Mouse Drum"
Smashing Pumpkins "Landslide"
Supergrass "It's Not Me"
Frank Ocean "Pink + White"
Fiona Apple "To Your Love"
The Posies "Dream All Day"

*Make 2012 Great Again*
12. Solange "Losing You"
11. Ringo Deathstarr "Slack"
10. Grass Is Green "Panera"
9. Kendrick Lamar "Backseat Freestyle"
8. Two Inch Astronaut "Greatest City In The World"
7. Nicki Minaj "Come On A Cone"
6. Tame Impala "Elephant"
5. Frank Ocean "Super Rich Kids"
4. Beak> "Eggdog"
3. Pile "Grunt Like A Pig"
2. Miguel "Adorn"
1. Mac Demarco "Ode To Viceroy"

Ween "Mutilated Lips"
Sneaker Pimps "6 Underground"
Beck "Burnt Orange Peel"
Weezer "Getchoo"

WXCI Top 10 Jams September 28, 2016
12. Votaries "Trick Tomorrow"
11. Greys "Fresh Hell"
10. Melkbelly "Elk Mountain"
9. Joey Purp "Girls At"
8. Tony Molina "Hung Up On The Dream"
7. Peaer "Third Law"
6. Warpaint "Whiteout"
5. Fond Han "Cali Cruiser"
4. James Chance & The Contortions "Melt Yourself Down"
3. No Age "Serf To Serf"
2. Nocturnal Habits "Good Grief"
1. Surface To Air Missive "Time Being"

Prince "The Ballad of Dorothy Parker"
Hum "Green To Me"
Toro y Moi "Best Around"
Guided By Voices "Hang Up And Try Again"

Weezer "Tragic Girl"
Very Fresh "Schedule IV"
Feeder "High"

The Pharcyde "Drop"
Busta Rhymes "Dangerous"
Autolux "Brainwasher"

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

the final edition of Make WXCI Great Again

whoa we forgot to post this.

did wanna mention that this top 10 was an outstandingly dope one, and this was one of the best weeks in new music for 2016 so far.

also at 6PM on this day, Mike announced that the name "Make WXCI Great Again" would forever be retired. in its place, "Weird Afternoon Thing" will be launching tomorrow, Wednesday September 28th, and continuing throughout October 2016.

Tacocat "Talk"
Good Morning "Warned You"
Sunny Day Real Estate "Red Elephant"
Stove "Tiny Gaze"

-- WXCI Top 10 Jams Sept 21, 2016 --
12. Julia Ruzicka "Painter Man Is Coming"
11. Grandaddy "Way We Won't"
10. Votaries "Trick Tomorrow"
9. Beck "Wow"
8. Kim Gordon "Murdered Out"
7. Kool Keith f/ Edo.G "Tired"
6. Shamir "Tryna Survive"
5. Tony Molina "See Me Fall"
4. Joey Purp f/ Chance The Rapper "Girls"
3. Warpaint "Whiteout"
2. Surface To Air Missive "Time Being"
1. Nocturnal Habits "Good Grief"

Crowbar "Existence Is Punishment"
Goblin Cock "Your Watch"
Ian Sweet "Slime Time Live"
Homeshake "Heat"
My Bloody Valentine "Nothing Much To Lose"
Jeff Beck "You Know What I Mean"
Santana "Soul Sacrifice"

Monday, September 12, 2016

WMGA 9-12-16

Jacuzzi Boys "Electric Days"
Dilly Dally "Purple Rage"
Surface To Air Missive "Surfacing"
Uncle Acid "Runaway Girls"

Homeshake "Heat"
Big Star "September Gurls"
Total Slacker "Olympus Hills"
Real Estate "Crime"
Stove "Tiny Gaze"

King Crimson "One More Red Nightmare"
Goblin Cock "Your Watch"
Warpaint "Love Is To Die"
Portishead "Mysterons"

Yo La Tengo "Moby Octopad"
Jimi Hendrix "Up From The Skies"
Autolux "Brainwasher"
Alex G "Kicker"
Juce "Call You Out"
Vic Mensa "Down On My Luck"
The Posies "Dream All Day"

Radiohead "The National Anthem"
Ween "Among His Tribe"
Prince "How Come U Don't Call Me Anymore"
Beastie Boys "Looking Down The Barrel of a Gun"
At The Drive In "Pattern Against User"
Pavement "Grounded"

TOP 10
12. Kim Gordon "Murdered Out"
11. Nick Cave "Jesus Alone"
10. Left & Right "Mouse Drum"
9. Frank Ocean "Pink + White"
8. Fond Han "Cali Cruiser"
7. Ian Sweet "Slime Time Live"
6. Animal Lover "Life On Earth"
5. Grandaddy "Way We Won't"
4. Jimmy Eat World "Sure and Certain"
3. Vince Staples "Smile"
2. American Football "Give Me the Gun"
1. Bel Biv Devoe "Run"

Bear Hands "2AM"
No Age "Eraser"
Earl Sweatshirt f/ RZA "Molasses"
Rihanna "Kiss It Better"
Miguel "Cadillac"

Monday, September 5, 2016

MWGA Sept 5 2016

Japandroids "Heart Sweats"
Phoenix "Fences"
Superchunk "Learned To Surf"
Ringo Deathstarr "Day Dreamy"

*Top 10 J's 9/5/16*
12. Goblin Cock "Your Watch"
11. Consequence "Ask Somebody"
10. J&L Defer "Johnny Dream"
9. Carly Rae Jepsen "Higher"
8. Isaiah Rashad "Free Lunch"
7. No Age "Serf to Serf"
6. Tkay Maidza f/ Killer Mike "Carry On"
5. Angel Olsen "Sister"
4. Wilco "Someone To Lose"
3. Frank Ocean "Pink + White"
2. Left & Right "Mouse Drum"
1. Vince Staples "Smile"

Jimmy Eat World "Sure and Certain"
Stove "Tiny Gaze"
Heatmiser "Why Did I Decide to Stay?"
Heatmiser "Collect to NYC"

Sunday, September 4, 2016

MWGA 8.29.16 (RIP Gene Wilder)

Oh whoops, dropped the soap and forgot to post this from last Monday:

We did a 2010 block and also aired the top 10 from the previous Wednesday.

Prince "The Ballad Of Dorothy Parker"
Prince "17 Days"
Prince "She's Always In My Hair"
Uncle Acid "Ritual Knife"
Skatebored "Cowboy"
Jackal Onasis "The New Ron"
Fond Han "ID/DV"
Banks & Steelz "Sword In The Stone"
Weaves "Birds & Bees"

- Make 2010 Great Again -
12. Les Savy Fav "Let's Get Out Of Here"
11. Caribou "Sun"
10. Wiz Khalifa "Black and Yellow"
9. Chris Weisman "Open Tuning"
8. El Guincho "Bombay"
7. No Age "Glitter"
6. Nicki Minaj "Did It On 'Em"
5. Grass Is Green "Tricky Tim's Night On The Town"
4. Japandroids "Heavenward Grand Prix"
3. Deerhunter "Helicopter"
2. Big Boi "Shutterbug"
1. The Arcade Fire "The Suburbs"

The Arcade Fire "Ready To Start"
Gene Wilder "Pure Imagination"
Consequence f/ Ty Dolla $ign "Ask Somebody"
Total Slacker "Olympus Hills"
Pinback "Thought Experiment"

- Top 10 Jams 8/24/16 -
12. Stove "Mrs. Robertson"
11. Thundercat "Bus In These Streets"
10. Kero Kero Bonito "Graduation"
9. Bon Iver "10 dEAThbREasT Extended Version"
8. Kool Keith f/ MF Doom "Super Hero"
7. Miguel "Cadillac"
6. No Age "Separation"
5. Jimmy Eat World "Get Right"
4. The Dean Ween Group "Mercedes Benz"
3. Fond Han "ID/DV"
2. Frank Ocean "Pink + White"
1. Sad13 "Get a Yes"

Kanye West f/ Kendrick Lamar "No More Parties In LA"
Beastie Boys "Funky Boss"
The B-52's "Trism"
Beck "Pay No Mind"
Marine Girls "Love To Know"
Elastica "Car Song"
Violent Femmes "Promise"