Wednesday, December 23, 2009

listen to monday night's show

Check out part 2 of the Late Night Noise Christmas special with special guest host Mrs. Noise. It's broken into 4 files. This is the Monday night's entire show!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

exhumed covering "no presents for christmas"

christian deathmetal???

It is entirely possibly that tonight's show featured a Christian Deathmetal band covering "O Holy Night." I can't find much info on this band to verify.

christmas in the playhouse

playlist 12-21-09

The show earlier tonight was part 2 of the Late Night Noise Christmas special, guest-hosted by "Mrs. Noise." She sent us her playlist, and we thank her for filling in. We'll try posting mp3s of the show later this week, for your Xmas listening pleasure.

Beck “Little Drum Machine Boy”
Georgia Anne Muldrew “Kwanzaa”
Miss Massive Snowflake “Christmas 1957”
King Diamond “No Presents For Christmas”
Electric Bird Noise “Santa Clause Is Coming To Town”
Dread Zeppelin “It’s Christmastime n I Like It”
(unknown artist) “Tastee Christmas”
Baron Zen “My Lovely Christmas”
Daniel Johnston “Christmas In The Looney Bin”
Frost Like Ashes “Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence”
The Fall “We Wish You A Protein Christmas”
Henry Rollins “Twas The Night Before Christmas”
Luke “Ho Ho Hoes”
Busy Boys “Funky Fresh Christmas”
Super Jay “Santa’s Rap Party”
Warlock Pinchers “Psycho ‘Satan’ Santa”
Eversinceve “O Holy Night”
The Moog Cookbook “Sleigh Ride & Deck The Halls”
Hard Call Xmas “My Christmas Bells”
Yogi Yorgesson “I Was Santa Claus At The School House (For The P.T.A.)”
Pee Wee’s Playhouse Christmas Special “Christmas In The Playhouse”
Sonic Youth “Santa Doesn’t Cop Out On Dope”
Space Needle “Silent Night”
Butthole Surfers “Good King Wenceslaus”
Theater Of Ice “Santa’s Got A Problem”
William S Burroughs & Kurt Cobain “The Priest They Called Him”

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Listen to last night's show

This is a test run.. Our first shot at posting a show here. It's broken into 2 files.. I'm not sure if this makes any difference.. and it's a rar file instead of a zip file.. and they're 128kbps. ..

It's most of the 2nd half of the show from last night. If anybody finds any bugs, post a comment or something..

December 14th 2009
Christmas Special Part 1

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dirty Videos

In the last year, and especially in the last half year, a bunch of videos have come out with small or large amounts of nudity or sex. I'm not sure what this means, but it's an interesting trend. Here's links or whatever to all the ones I know of.

Girls’ Lust for Life. The Hardcore Porn Edition [NSFW]


Flaming Lips - Watching the Planets ( featuring a full frontal Wayne Coyne)

and the icing on the cake

(for some reason the link for the video Pussy by Rammstien won't let itself be placed here. Search for it, but not while you are at work. Or in front of your kids. Or your parents. Or your girlfriend.)

So there you go, check em out, see what you think. I wonder why this seems to be happening all at once. If you have any others that you know of leave em in the comments.

playlist 12-14-09

Boredoms “Jup-Na-Keeeeeeeel”
Boredoms “Catastro Mix '99”
Harry Pussy “Untitled”
Staff Carpenborg And The Electric Corona “P.A.R.T.Y.”
The Showcase Showdown “The Ho Ho Ho Chi Mihn”
Bomb “Vagrant Vampires”
Bob Rivers “O Little Town Of Bethlehem”
Hawkwind “Spiral Galaxy 28948”
Hawkwind “Warriors”
Hawkwind “Dying Seas”
Can “Silent Night”
Butthole Surfers “Good King Wencenslause”
New Bad Things “Shoplifting You Something For Christmas”
Pokemon “I’m Giving Santa A Pikachu For Christmas”
Paul “Fat Daddy” Johnson “Fat Daddy”
Space Needle “Silent Night”
Zero Hour Quintet “The Christmas Song”
Poison Idea “Santa Claus Is Back In Town”
Killdozer “Oh Little Town Of Bethlehem”
Afroman “Oh Chronic Tree”
Afroman “The 12 Jay’s Of Christmas”
Root Boy Slim & The Sex Change Band “Christmas At K-Mart”
Lard Dog And The Band Of Shy “Finksterlude”
Lard Dog And The Band Of Shy “The Stupendous Holiday Finksten”
James White And The Blacks “Christmas With Satan”
Master Shake “Twas The Night Before Jesus”
2 Live Crew “2 Live Christmas”
2 Live Crew “Christmas Spliff”
William S Burroughs & Kurt Cobain “The Priest They Called Him”
Portal “Omnipotent Crawling Chaos”
The Showcase Showdown “Merry Christmas I Fucked Your Snowman”
Electric Wizard “Black Magic Rituals And Perversions”
Acid Mothers Temple & The Cosmic Inforno “OM Riff From The Cosmic Inferno”
Earth “A Plague Of Angels”

click on this and watch it while you listen

Monday, December 14, 2009

2009 mixtape

I hope nobody minds but I'm gonna post the playlist for the 2009 mixtape here.. This was a show that aired 7:00pm to 9:00pm on December 14th with some recommended tracks from 2009..

30 DJ Quik & Kurupt “9x Outta 10”
29 Superdrag “Everything’ll Be Made Right”
28 Kid CuDi “Sky Might Fall”
27 Dinosaur Jr “Your Weather”
26 Doves “Compulsion”
25 A Place To Bury Strangers “In Your Heart”
24 Neon Indian “Should’ve Take Acid With You”
23 Raekwon “Penitentiary”
22 Pill “Trap Goin’ Ham”
21 Dinosaur Jr “Whenever You’re Ready”

20 Hush Arbors “Devil Made You High”
19 Phoenix “Lisztomania”
18 Tinted Windows “Kind Of A Girl”
17 Sunset Rubdown “You Go On Ahead (Trumpet Trumpet II)”
16 Free Energy “Free Energy”
15 Panic At The Disco “New Perspective”
14 Silversun Pickups “Panic Switch”
13 Clipse “Kinda Like A Big Deal”
12 Kanye West “Paranoid”
11 Animal Collective “What Would I Want? Sky”

10 Goblin Cock “We Got A Bleeder”
09 The Brontosaur “This Is Not A Paradise”
08 Japandroids “Young Hearts Spark Fire”
07 Silversun Pickups “There’s No Secrets This Year”
06 Pearl Jam “The Fixer”
05 Phoenix “1901”
04 Silversun Pickups “It’s Nice To Know You Work Alone”
03 P.O.S. “Drumroll”
02 Animal Collective “Summertime Clothes”
01 Clipse “I’m Good”

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

playlist 12-7-09

Black Dice "Earnings Plus Interest"
Black Dice "La Cucaracha"
Black Dice "Night Creme"
Black Dice "Ten Inches"
Butthole Surfers "The Lord Is A Monkey"
Z-Rock Hawaii "Chuggin'"
Boredoms "Pow Wow Now"
Sonic Youth "I Dreamed I Dream"
Black Uniforms "City Of The Dead"
Contortions "I Can't Stand Myself"
Ween "Little Birdy"
Staff Carpenborg And The Electric Corona "P.A.R.T.Y."
FNU Ronnies "Normal Citizen"
This Heat "Radio Prague"
Electric Wizard "Wierd Tales" (sic)
Cromagnon "Genitalia"
The Nihlist Spasm Band "When In London Sleep At The York Hotel"
Rescue One "Chateau 19"
Swans "Thug"
TV On The Radio "Yr God"

rescue one

nihilist spasm band

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

November 30th playlist

Rake “Track 4”
FNU Ronnies “Normal Citizen”
Eyehategod “Methamphetamine”
Killdozer “The Big Song Of Hell”
Killdozer “Paul Doesn’t Understand Jazz”
Mclusky “Provision Song”
Mclusky “Dave Please Stop Killing Prostitutes”
These Are Powers “Make Visible”
Whirlwind Heat “Meat Packer”
Whirlwind Heat “No Gums”
X-Ray Spex “The Day The World Turned To Dayglo”
Joan Of Arc “A Half Deaf Girl Named Echo”
Lotus Fucker “Who The Fuck Do You Think We Are”
The Dead C “Constallation”
Old Time Religion “Chemical Factory” (off the album “2012”)
Drop Acid “Dirge Two”
Dinosaur Jr “Poledo”
Ween “Spleen”
Contortions “Jaded”
Total Dick “Discotech Lobotomy”
Bomb “I Loved You And Then I Died” (off the album “Hits Of Acid”)
Crispin Glover “These Boots Are Made For Walking”
Sexton Ming And Billy Childish “Double Axe Murderer”
The Caretaker “Moline Forces Of The Occult”
Melvins “Wash Machine Skatronix” (Remixed By Eye from Boredoms)
Kylie Minoise “Skinhead Ironing Party!”
Harry Pussy “I Don’t Care About Sleep Anymore”
Harry Pussy “Showroom Dummies”
Crazy Chris And The Flying Tomato Brothers “Song 1”
Jonny Greenwood “Clockwork Tin Soldiers”
Rafeal Toral "Wave Field (Radio Edit)"
The Coasters "Hongry"

late night noise is poison