Tuesday, November 24, 2009

November 23, 2009 playlist

Butthole Surfers “Mark Says Alright”
Faust “Lieber Herr Deutschland”
Staff Carpenborg And The Electric Corona “Swing Low If You Like To Do”
Popol Vuh “King Minos”
Andrew WK “Begin The Engine”
Lubomyr Melmyk “The Voice Of Trees”
DJ Chaos X “Chaos 44”
DJ Chaos X “Chaos 45”
Homo Stupids “Under The Dog”
Butthole Surfers “To Partner”
Henry Rollins “Get In The Van” (audio book excerpt)
Floor “I Remember Nothing”
Boris “Feedbacker Part IV”
Teenage Jesus And The Jerks “The Closet”
Peter Grudzien “Love Songs Are Written”
Black Flag “Screw The Law”
FNU Ronnys “Robot”
Mars “Puerto Rican Ghost”
D.N.A. “Size”
Nova Mob “Space Jazz”
Plagal Grind “Midnight Blue Vision”
Orphan Fairy Tale “Crybaby Needs A Hanky”
Nunslaughter “Smell The Burning Churches”
Nunslaughter “I Destroy Kings”
Syphlitic Vaginas “Under Satan’s Command”
Zeus Cronion “For Southbury”
Inepsy “10 Packs Of Smokes”
Flipper “Love Canal”
Shootyz Groove “L Train”
Redd Kross “Blow You A Kiss In The Wind”
My Bloody Valentine “Sunny Sundae Smile”
Rake "Intellegence Agent" (entire album)

Party Music

Our First Video Post Ever

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

11-16-09 playlist

Sun Araw “That Geosynchronis Feeling”
Arabian Blade [Side A Excerpt]
Beek> “Ham Green”
Ween “Big Jilm”
Noise Ramones “Remix By DJ Smallcock”
Hwang Byungki “Child Play In March”
Teenage Hitler “Mike Is A Triple Teamer”
Teenage Hitler “Hey Baby Baby Medley”
Orgasm Denial “Untitled”
Black Flag “Southern Rise”
Eyehategod “The Lack Of Almost Everything”
Skull “Speed Metal”
Corrosion Of Conformity “Holier”
Kylie Minoise “Skinhead Ironing Party!”
The Focus Group “You Do Not See Me”
The Focus Group “Clock Bell”
The Focus Group “Echo Release”
The Focus Group “Xylophone Signal”

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Fall 2009 Playlists

November 9 2009

Starving Weirdos “All Night Long”
Fog “Pneumonia”
Cromagnon “First World Of Bronze”
Sebadoh “Part 1 - Lou”
Sebadoh “Part 2 - Eric”
Sebadoh “Part 3 - Eric”
Sebadoh “Part 4 - Jason”
Acid King “Silent Circle”
The Screamer “He Looked A Helluva Lot Like Lincoln”
Electric Wizard “We Hate You”
Electric Wizard “Dopethrone”
Black Dice “Buddy”
Black Dice “10 Inches”
Mark Noffler Prank Call “Amanda White”
Billy Bao “There’s No Rewind Button, Your Future is Fucked”
Billy Bao “Burning Your Skin In Front Of The Police Station”
Billy Bao “While Watching Their Stocks Rise, Your Miserable Fucking Life Dies”
DJ Chaos X “Chaos 1 - 6”
The Microphones “I’ll Not Contain You”
The Microphones “The Gleam Part 2”
Anthropomorphia “Chunks Of Meat”
Siflitic Vaginas “Armaggedon Buttfuck”
King Khan “Cosmic Serenade”
Electric Light Orchestra “The Battle Of Marston Moore (July 2, 1644)”
Sunn 0))) & Boris (from the “alter” album) “The Sinking Belle (Blue Sheep)”


November 2 2009

Born Against “Riding With Mary”
R.S.O. “Wonder Why”
Sex Vid “Always Home”
Cold World “Dedicated Babies Who Came Feet First”
Siflitic Vaginas “Sacrifice Tonight”
Siflitic Vaginas “Motor Demon”
Siflitic Vaginas “Possess The Fuck”
Kareem Abdul Babar “Dirty Minutes (Larva Remix)”
The Clock Cleaner “NYHC Doco”
The Clock Cleaner “Ready To Fight”
Teenage Jesus And The Jerks “The Closet”
Mars “Tunnel”
Vertical Slit “In-No-Sense”
Gnaw Their Tongues “Another Study In Bleakness And Despair”
To Kill A Petty Bourgeoise “The Patron”
Brian Eno “Shadow”
Burzum “Channeling The Power Of Souls Into A New God”
Tragedy “Vengeance”


October 26 2009

Gnaw Their Tongues “The Behemoth Crawls Ashore”
HEALTH “In Violet”
Can “Peking O”
Lightning Bolt “Mega Ghost”
Black Dice
The Flaming Lips “The Sparrow Looks Up At The Machine”
Daniel Andreasson “When I Became A Samarai”
FFF “Sodomize A Rasta” (Dudcore Volume 7)
Atari Teenage Riot Live At Brixton Academy
Wolf Eyes “The Weirder”
Bad Luck 13 Riot Extravaganza “Stab”
This Heat “Shrink Wrap”
Coil “Tenderness Of Wolves”
Ciccone Youth “Platoon II”
Fantomas “Rosemary’s Baby”


October 19 2009

Miles Davis “Rated X”
Teenage Hitler “Mike Is A Triple Teamer”
Teenage Hitler “Hey Baby Baby Medley”
Andy Kaufman “I Trusted You”
Drunkdriver & Mattin “Side A” (list of profound insecurities)
FNU Ronny “Golem Smoke”
Peter Grudzien “Redemption And Prayer”
Peter Grudzien “Candy Ass Lover”
Classy Freddy Blassy “Pencil Neck Geek”
Ween “There’s A Pig”
The Flaming Lips “The Ego’s Last Stand”
Burzum “Gabrechilchkeit 2”
Herter “Herter’s Crow Calling Record Parts 1 & 2”
Sleepwalker “Track 1”
Gorgen “Among The Fog Of Oblivion”
Gorgen “Tower Of Gargoyals”
Human Eye “Poison Frog People”
Peter Grudzien “Return Of The Unicorn”
Peter Grudzien “Star Spangled Banner Waving Somewhere”
Flying Canyon “This Can’t Be My Home”
Jaap Blonk “Seepferdchen Und Flugfische”
Jaap Blonk “Just A Thought”
Jaap Blonk “Der Minister 1”
Jaap Blonk “Glasslass”
Blowfly “Spread Your Cheeks”
Blue Cheer “The Hunter”
Can “Oh Yeah”


October 12 2009

Sebadoh “Part 1 - Lou”
Sebadoh “Part 2 - Eric”
Sebadoh “Part 3 - Eric”
Sebadoh “Part 4 - Jason”
Boredoms “Jup-Na-Keeeee!”
Boredoms “Catastro Mix 99”
HEALTH “Before Tigers”
Black Dice “La Cucaracha”
Cromagnon “Fantasy”
Load “Lumberjack Death Luge”
Ween “Mountain Dew”
Oneida “O”
Necromonitron “Blood Clot Guts”
Sightings “Untitled”
Smashed Femur Dance Party “Jumping Jack Flash”
Breast Fed Yak “Infant Shakes” (don’t play again)
Jonny Greenwood “Clockwork Tin Soldiers”
Jonny Greenwood “Convergence”
Jonny Greenwood “Nvdnik Headache”
Nunslaughter “Black Horn Of The Ram”
Nunslaughter “Midnight Mass”
Z-Rock Hawaii “Sunset Over Osaka”


October 5 2009

Oneida “End Of Time”
This Heat “Shrink Wrap”
This Heat “Radio Prague”
Boredoms “Bubblebop Shot”
Ciccone Youth “MacBeth”
Ween “Sorry Charlie”
Black Dice “Load Blown”
Gary Young “Birds In Traffic”
Jaap Blonk “Der Minister 1”
Frank Zappa “Weasels Ripped My Flesh”
Lord Hitler “Agony Of Jesus Christ”
Lord Hitler “Ritual Sacrifice”
Lord Hitler “Voices From Hell”
Current 93 & Nurse With Wound “Mothering Sunday (Legion Legion)”
Terrestrial Tones “Experimental Farm”
Z-Rock Hawaii “Piledriver”
Boredoms “TV Scorpion”
Boredoms “Pow Wow Now”
Axolotl “Chain Of Chance”
Breast Fed Yak “Infant Shakes”
Animal Collective “Peacebone (Black Dice Remix)”
Ciccone Youth “Burnin’ Up”
Butthole Surfers “Pittsburgh To Lebanon”
Beavis & Butthead - Comedians
Dr. Octagon “I Got To Tell You”
Dr. Octagon “Earth People”
TV On The Radio “Pulse Of Pete”
Butthole Surfers “22 Going On 23”
Aphex Twin “Wet Tip Hen Ax”


September 28 2009

Lou Reed “Metal Machine Music”
Centuries “Born That Way”
Necronomitron “Blood Clot Guts”
Smashed Femur Dance Party “Jumping Jack Flash”
The Silver Apples “Velvet Case”
Ween “Awesome Sound”
Sun Araw “Hustle And Bustle”
Homo Stupids “Mister Payback”
Drunk Driver “Fire Sale”
Infarction “Infarction” (CT band) local boys
Killdozer “Paul Doesn’t Understand Jazz”
Killdozer “Daddy’s Boy”
Meat Puppets “Teenager”
Mind Eraser “Teenager”
45 Grave “Party Time”
Rescue One “Chateau 19”
Nazi Big Band “Calling Invasion Forces”
Nazi Big Band “Daisy”
Church Universal And Triumphant Incorporated “Decreed 12.10 (excerpt)”
Oum koul som “some song”
Harry Pussy “Smash The Mirror”
Finally Punk “5 year old angst”
HEALTH “Death+”
Yellow Swans with John Weiss “That’s A lot To Ask”
President Obama PSA
Magic Markers “The Rieser Car Of Doctor Clara Haber”’
Merchandise “Kill The Light”
Harry Pussy “Sick Again”
Enos Slaughter “Miniature Mass, Indian Masters”
Flaming Fire “There Is A Sky”
Rake “Track 7”
The Antlers “Atrophy”
Brian Eno “Shadow”


September 21 2009

Lou Reed “Metal Machine Music Part 1”
Can “Future Days”
Lightning Bolt “Riff Wraiths”
Lightning Bolt “Mega Ghost”
Liars “The Fountain And Its Monologue”
Wicked Witch “Fancy Dancer (Remix)”
Wicked Witch “Fancy Dancer”
HEALTH “In Violet”
Jonny Greenwood “Bode/Class Light/Broken Hearts”
Halfling “Embarrassment”
Eye And Chu “Destroy 2 Wear Voice And Rhythm”
Turboslut “Roadkill”
Turboslut “Eulogy”
Rammstein “Pussy”
Michael Jackson “E.T.”
Rake “Track 8”
Sisters “Lust Is Just”
Rake “Track 9”
Ricardo Villalobos “I Try To Live (Can I Live)”
Amy Winehouse “Monkey Man”
Ghrem Drack “Gese Lvaart”
Morthra “Alteration Of Face - The Labrynth”
Sunn O))) “Big Church”
Rake “Track 9”


September 14 2009

Lou Reed “Metal Machine Music Part 1”
Can “Soup”
Liars “We Fenced Other Gardens With The Bones Of Our Own”
The Wicked Witch “X Rated”
HEALTH “Before Tigers”
The Wicked Witch “Erratic Behaviour”
Primus “Those Damned Blue Collared Tweekers”
Burzum “Dunkelheit”
Jonny Greenwood “Peartree”
Jonny Greenwood “Splitter”
Black Dice “Glazin’”
Black Dice “Chicken Shit”
Oneida “Treasure Plane”
Big Black “Bad Penny”
Dowcet “3”
Oval “Line Extension”
Ween “Reggaejunkiejew”
Ween “I Play It Off Legit”

Spring & Summer 2009 Playlists

August 24 2009

Eyehategod “Masters Of Legalized Confusion”
Black Dice “Track 3” “Track 4” “Track 5”
Wolf Eyes “The Driller”
Sunn 0))) “Alice”
Outlaw Order “Alcohol Tobacco Firearms”
Syphlitic Vaginas “Under Satan’s Command”
The Antlers “Atrophe”
The Caretaker “Robins And Roses”
Wolf Eyes “Living Stone”
Iron Age “Satori Part 1”
Nunslaughter “Smell The Burning Churches”
Nunslaughter “I Destroy Kings”
Insinter “Vengeance In Flames”
Syphlitic Vaginas “Under Satan’s Command”
Electric Wizard
Acid Mothers Temple


August 18 2009

Black Dice “Nite Crème”
Faust “J’Ai Mal Aux Dents”
Dowcet “1”
Dowcet “3”
Oneida “Caesar’s Column”
Dowcet & GLU “Swing Easy”
Dowcet “5”
Mortician “Hell On Earth”
Have A Nice Life “A Quick One Before The Eternal Worm Devours CT”
Iron Age track 3
Iron Age track 4
Floor “Dove”
Johnny Greenwood track 7
Framtid “Punishment”
Kurt Vile “Classic Rock”
Jimi Hendrix “EXP”
Roky Erickson “Stand For The Fire Demon”
Eyehategod “My Name Is God (I Hate You)”
Eyehategod “Dogs Holy Life”
Sunn O))) “Hunting And Gathering (Cydonia)”
Sex Vid “Nests”
The Wicked Witch “Fancy Dancer”
The Wicked Witch “X Rated”
Dowcet “The Raping Of Time”
Fucked Up “Year Of The Pig”
Can “Peking O”


July 13 2009

Can “Aumgn”
Fennesz “Saffron Revolution”
Assorted Jelly Beans “www.ii.booshduck*do*dis.a.j.b.com”
Black Dice “Ultra Vomit Craze”
Cold World “Dedicated To Babies Who Came Feet First”
Cold World “How Deep”
Swans “Mind Body Light Sound”
Sunn O)))) “Big Church”
Brujeria “Matando Gueros 97”
Rammstein “Herzeleid”
Teenage Pinzekore “Unfavorable Meanings”
Bone All “These Days Are Marked”
Drudkh “Ukranian Insurgent Army”
The Ecstacy Of Saint Teresa “Honey Rain”
Wolf Eyes “Stabbed In The Face”
Beck “Sweet Sunshine”
Atari Teenage Riot “Digital Hardcore”
Billy Bao “I Am Billy Bao Right Here Right Now”
Robyn Hitchcock “Let There Be More Light”
Wicked Witch “Fancy Dancer”
Frank Zappa “Weasels Ripped My Flesh”
The Swirlies “Pancake”
The Clean “Fish”
Billy Childish “Prostities On Chathum High Street”
P.S. Elliott “Troubled Medium”
Shellac “The End Of Radio”


July 6 2009

Oneida “Treasure Plane”
Black Dice “Ten Inches”
Black Dice “Chicken Shit”
Havohej “Unholy Sodomy”
Black Dice & Wolf Eyes [untitled, side b]
Coil “No New World”
Coil “Attack Of The Cenapods”
Pink Reason “Blood Stains” (agent orange cover)
Rah Bras “Nipponoppin”
Wicked Witch “Fancy Dancer”
Sonic Youth “Burning Farm”
Animal Collective “Tell It To The Mountain”
Francis Harold & The Hollograms “Did You Hear”
Ween “Tastes Good On Th’ Bun”
Ween “Frank”
John Carpenter “The Duke Arrives/The Barricade”
Electric Light Orchestra “Believe Me Now”
Electric Light Orchestra “The Whale”
Finally Punk “Johnny Depp vs Gayta Regowski”
Naw Their Tongues “Teeth That Lear Like Open Graves”
Butthole Surfers “Human Cannonball”
Yoko Ono “Extensions”
Wicked Witch “Erratic Behavior”
Mentally Challenged “Disappeared”
Cult Ritual “Lude”
Cult Ritual “Nailed”
Cult Ritual “Failed”
Can “Peking O”


June 29 2009

Oneida “$50 Tea”
Oneida “The Last Act, Every Time”
Oneida “The Winter Shaker”
Wicked Witch “X Rated”
Wicked Witch “Vera’s Back”
Radiohead “Pulk/Pull Revolving Doors”
Black Dice “Lazy TV”
Insinter “Reborn In Fire”
Wolf Eyes “Burned Mind”
Wicked Witch “Electric War (vocal)”
Smegma “The Valium Restaurant”
Faust “Tapes” (excerpt)
Les Ralizes Denudes “Otherwise Fallin’ In Love With”
Wolves In The Throne Room “Vastness And Sorrow”
Liars “We Fenced Other Gardens With The Bones Of Our Own”
Liars “Sex Boy”
Wicked Witch “Electric War (instrumental)”


March 23 2009

Throbbing Gristle track 5 from Heathen Earth
Oval “Shop In Store”
Oval “Do While (command X)”
Autechre “Milk DX”
Add N To X “Large Number”
Kid 606 “Gq On The Eq”
Wum “Metal”
Public Image Limited “Careering”
The Residents “Swastikas On Parade”
Lowt Ide “Poem”
Lowt Ide “Lorena Bobbitt Did The Right Thing”
Lowt Ide “Scott Stapp Fucking Garfield”
Throbbing Gristle track 3 & 4 from Heathen Earth
Sonny Sharrock “Many Mansions”