Friday, July 30, 2010

one quick correction

What Dave (hopefully) meant to say in his previous post is that he will still be (potentially) contributing music to Late Night Noise, although he will not be speaking over the air nearly as often, as he will be hundreds of miles away. Nobody could ever replace Dave... however, if anyone wants to "fill in" they're more than welcome.. but I'm not expecting that to happen anytime soon. There will likely be way less banter and more focus on the music, which is totally cool with me, although the talking parts of the show will probably be less crazy.. We probably won't be doing the "exceptionally awesome song of the week" nearly as often.. or at least not with commentary, as I can't really do that by myself.

But since the talking portion of the show is less crazy, this gives more room for the music portion of the show to get crazier.... Stay tuned.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Step Up 3D

This is going to be the first ever dance movie in 3D. It's revolutionary, and I think that anyone who listened to Late Night Noise over the last year and a half or whatever it was will really love it. I'm glad that facebook suggested it to me.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Playlist for 7/26/10

This may be the last night of the show as it has existed for the last year or so. I am moving away next week and won't be able to contribute as I have enjoyed doing in the past.


It especially does not mean that this blog will fall into dormancy and disrepair. The blog will be maintained and the show will live on. Stick around. I may even continue updating the twitter for our mass of followers.

The show tonight was rather wonderful. I came across something earlier today on the internet called I-doser which appears to be a website where you can buy sound files that are meant to induce drug symptoms such as euphoria and hallucinations through the use of frequency and tone or something. We played one tonight that was meant to make you feel as though you were standing at the Gates of Hades.

You can find these files pretty easily on mediafire...that's what I did.

You can also find videos of reactions to the experience on Youtube. You could go over there and check em out.

We also did a buncha other stuff. Hope you dug it, and you can bet it'll be rebroadcast at some point.

LNN 7/26/10

Babe Rainbow – I can try to run (stuck)
Stalker – Disconnection (Disconnected)
Oneohtrixpointnever – LL (Something I Never Had/Over

Lascowiec – Track 7
Lascowiec – Track 3
Ocrilim – Track 7
Andrew WK – I came for you

Un – Phila (Freedom)
Rescue One – Chateau 19
Sonic Youth – Bonus Noise From the Jet Set Whatever

I-Doser – Gates of Hades

Ke$ha/Katy Perry Mash Up – California Gurls Tik Tok
Naughty By Nature – OPP

Bathcrones – False Teeth
Tjutjuna – Mosquito Hawk
Sun Araw – The Stakeout (feat W. Giachi)
Shumba Ratshega – Sananapo
Holy Spirits – White Walls
High Beams – Feasting on Energy
Valeskaja Valcav – Copper Manor
Hirpvs – Satvrnia Tellvs
Blissed Out – Lindsay Lohan Fuck U Edit
Sun Araw – Get Low

We made a 3 or 4 hour playlist so the fun wouldn't end till early in the morning. I don't remember what that consisted of, but you can bet it is fucking awesome.

See ya around.

Friday, July 23, 2010

New wierdo Fucked Up track

Year of the Ox is coming out soon. Apparently it has a B-side that is inspired by Twilight.

You can check the A-side out here. Pitchfork seems to have the exclusive stream.

Also came across this live video of them playing it on CBC or something. I didn't watch it yet, but maybe it's cool.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

BrokenCyde Hoax

BrokenCyde was the target of an "elaborate" hoax saying they were stopped in thier tour bus and arrested for drug possession, child pornography, and (statutory) rape. It was
reported by many major news outlets as the truth. It turned out to be fake. Thank god.
More to come I hope.

I think that this is a good resource to read more on the subject.

it appears that the original fake TMZ website no longer exists. Too bad.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Lindsay Lohan Tribute

So I happened upon this today. In honor of Lindsay Lohan going to jail today (the poor thing) some record label that specializes in drag queen music has released a Lindsay Lohan tribute with songs of hers reworked by current artists, one of whom happens to be a fave around these parts - Oneohtrixpointnever. So you could download the jazz here

Monday, July 19, 2010

playlist 7-19-10

I think I fucked up because I think I lost last week's playlist .. whoops..

But anyway, we're on the air right now and here's our current playlist. .. Live. ...

The Sword "Barael's Blade"
Eye And Chu (the album "We Are Voice And Rhythm Only" played in its entirety)
Mortician "Hell On Earth"
Melhouse "Dedicated To Melvin Gibson"
Graham Lankin "Jungle Blending"
41 seconds of this noise show we went to the other night that we have recorded on the phone
Eyehategod "Lack Of All Most Everything"
To Kill A Petty Bourgeoisie "The Needle"
Eric Copeland "Fun Dink Death"
Marin Marais "A Representative's Visit"
Marin Marais "Tableau Of A Lithotomy"
Knox Om Pax "Salt, Sulfer, Mercury"
Infarction "Consumption"
Boris "My Machine"
Popul Vuh "wurfelspiel"
Sun Araw "Hustle & Bustle"
Wolves In The Throne Room "Cleansing"
Gathering Of The Juggalos Infomercial
Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti "Mistaken Wedding"
Chrissy Zebby Tembeo And Ngozi Family "Oh Yeh Yeh"
Ata Kak "Bome Nnwom"
This Heat "Radio Prague"
Nunslaughter "Smell The Burning Churches"

And then we played some stuff from the March 8th show including the Andrew WK interview ..

I don't think we'll be able to play this one tonight...

Some new shit from Mel Gibson... too many swears for airplay unfortunately, but we can still post it here!!

pure mothafuckin magic

I'm upset about no "Guys on stilts" this year.. Also confused as to whether Vanilla Ice and Coolio have to perform at this every year due to contractual obligation or somethin.. And hey, they got the real Gallagher?! Not that fakeass Gilligan motherfucker? And TV Star Todd Bridges?!?! This shit is gonna be DOPE

We'll be there tonight


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Public Apology

I did drugs last night and missed the show. I regret letting the world down.

Monday, July 12, 2010

The importance of the vuvuzela in noise music

I didn't read this article. Look it over and leave me a summary in the contents. Thanks.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

new news: pitchfork launches website that promotes the shit we were already playing

classic shit from Black Dice

I keep finding myself coming back to that Eric Copeland video I posted here a few days ago.. and I'm pretty sure I love Black Dice more every time I hear them, and even more now that I've seen this video...

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

playlist 7-5-10

Tonight's show consisted of the following...

The album "Yes Sir, I Will" by Crass played in its entirety..

2 songs from Bongzilla's "Gateway" LP: track 8, "Hashdealer," and track 1, "Greenthumb"

And that entire mix from the Oneohtrix Point Never guy, which Dave posted here a few days ago...

I think that mix is still playing right now. It's nice. While in the studio alone tonight I was bored enough to quickly throw together a really horrible promo that I'm happy to say should now be playing in our automation computer every day or 2...

Here it is, in case anybody wants to hear what a completely terrible radio promo sounds like...

07 Track 7 by Late Night Noise 1

Sunday, July 4, 2010

this week's show

Will this week's show sound like this??

Tune in on Monday at 11PM to find out.