Tuesday, March 29, 2011

playlist 3-28-11

i think we did good

Boris & Michio Kurihara "You Laughed Like A Water Mark"
Sunn 0))) "Big Church"
Can "Halleluwah"
Hodgy Beats "Memorex CD's"
Tyler The Creator "Yonkers"
The Jet Age Of Tomorrow "Strobe Light"
Yo La Tengo "From A Motel 6"
Sun Ra "It's After The End Of The World"

Sisgo "The Thonk Somb"

Sun Ra "Under Different Stars"
Mortician "Slaughtered"
Mortician "The Crazies"
Mortician "Silent Light Bloody Night"
Space Needle "Before I Lose My Style"
Ween "Little Birdy"
Ween "Big Jilm"
Ween "Demon Sweat"
Havohej "Unholy Sodomy"
Dave Burrell "Peace"
Ga'an "Vultures Of The Horn"
Spacemen 3 "Suicide (Live)"

thurston moores fav free jazz records

this is where we've been finding most of our free jazz from the past few weeks


"The Thong Song"

Mandatory Sisqo was so fucking good tonight we had to post a video

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

playlist 3-21-11

Butthole Surfers "Revenge Of Anus Pressley"
Daniel Johnston "Almost Got Hit By A Truck"
Ween "I Can't Put My Finger On It"
Butthole Surfers "Graveyard"
Eyehategod "Ruptured Heart Theory"
Jonny Greenwood "Clockwork Tin Soldiers"
Jonny Greenwood "Convergence"
Jonny Greenwood "Nudnik Headache"
Beck "Bogusflow"
Little Max "No Satisfaction"
Wonderful Broken Thing "Is This What You Wanted"
Wonderful Broken Thing "Trains"
Wreck Small Speakers On Expensive Stereos "Why Do I Look At You That Way"
Fang "Law & Order"
Flipper "Life Is Cheap"
7-Eleven "Slurpee"
Mutation "Cannibalistic Horror"
Ringo Deathstarr "Other Things"

-Mandatory Sisqo-
Sisqo "Unleash The Dragon"

Nation Of Ulysses "Shakedown"
FNU Ronnies "Normal Citizen"
Syphilitic Vaginas "Under Satan's Command"
Black Artists Group "Echos"
Black Artists Group "Something To Play On"
Simply Saucer "Illegal Bodies"
Sebadoh "Not A Friend"
Sebadoh "
Sebadoh "Dreams"
Sebadoh "Drama Mine"
Rukkus "All Better Now"
Can "Peking O"

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

fans of blackmetal and netflix

I didn't get to watch it yet but there's a documentary called "Until The Light Takes Us" is now streaming on Netflix.. and I think it's supposed to be about the history of blackmetal. I wanted to see this thing like 2 years ago and I think it played at this museum in Hartford for like a week but by the time I found out about it they weren't playing it anymore. But now it's on Netflix so I can watch it.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

frieeeday frieeeday

This week's show will be a re-run of the August 9th 2010 show.. which if I'm not mistaken was a rerun of the July 26th 2010 show combined with portions of the April 26th 2010 show... So what's gonna happen is we're going to extensively discuss topics such as Lindsay Lohan getting sent to jail, even though that happened last summer, among other non-current cultural items.. So it will be confusing, and confusing is good.

Moving on, Late Night Noise continues bringing you the most exceptional new music, such as this hot little jam right here:

Edit: I just watched this video 4 times in the past hour and I had to try and make some sense of it, and eventually I found this: http://www.bohemian.com/citysound/?p=7181

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

playlist 3-7-11 (sad show)

Beastie Boys "Egg Raid On Mojo"
Beastie Boys "Cooky Puss"
Suicide "Ghost Rider"
Hodgy Beats "Memorex CD's"
Ace "Dracula"
Funkadelic "No Head No Backstage Pass"
Silver Apples "Lovefingers"
Sebadoh "Hassle"
Sebadoh "Moldy Bread"
Sebadoh "True Hardcore"
Gorky's Zygotic Mynci "Hush The Warmth" (played by accident)
Rescue One "Chateau 19"
Faust "Just A Second (Starts Like That)"
Modest Mouse "Dramamine" (non-noise caller request)
Broken Water "Normal Never Happened"
Ata Kak "Obaa Sima"
Eyehategod "Serving Time In The Middle Of Nowhere"
My Bloody Valentine "I Can See It (But I Can't Feel It)"
Ovlov "The City"
Boris & Michio Kurihara "Fuzzy Reactor"
Mortician "Hell On Earth"
Bongzilla "Hashdealer"
Fang "The Money Will Roll Right In"

-Mandatory Sisqo-
Sisqo "Dream" (Best mandatory sisqo ever)

Can "Pinch"
Contortions "Jaded"
Merchandise "Worthless Apology"
Deadly Poison "DJ Lounge Disco"
Ric Colbeck Quartet "The Sun Is Coming Up"
Ween "Voodoo Lady" (request)
Ween "What Deaner Was Talking About"
Beak> "Iron Acton"
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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

tall dwarfs

The actual music video for this song is also incredible. As is the song. I'm on vacation.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

playlist 2-28-11

Ween "Buckingham Green"
Liars "We Live Northeast Of Compton"
Black Dice "Treetops"
Sunn 0))) "It Took The Night To Believe"
Ringo Deathstarr "Do It Every Time"
Merchandise "What Was Left Behind"
Ween "Dr. Rock"
Earl Sweatshirt "Couch"
Ciccone Youth "Burnin' Up"
Boris & Michio Kurihara "Fuzzy Reactor"

Sisqo "Unleash The Dragon"

My Bloody Valentine "Cigarette In Your Bed"
Radiohead "Bloom"
Andrew WK "Slam John Against A Brick Wall"
Satyricon "Mother North"
Sun Ra "I Am The Alter Destiny"
Mortician "Rats"
Faust - Side B of "Tapes" (most of the first half)
Earl Sweatshirt "epaR"
Nirvana "Endino Jam"
Swans "Mother/Father"
Don Pullen And Milford Graves "Side A" (of the Nommo LP .. recorded in 1966 at Yale University in New Haven CT)