Tuesday, March 30, 2010

playlist 3-29-10

Tonight's playlist is brought to you by Fine Homebuilding. Quality is our middle name.

We regret not taping this show because it was really good. But next week will also be good so we'll tape next week. Okay.

Wreck Small Speakers On Expensive Stereos "Why Do I Look At You That Way"
Rafael Toral "Wave Field 6"
Londonbeat "I've Been Thinking About You"
Black Devil "Timing, Forget The Timing"
King Missile "Martin Scorsese"
The Shaggs "Who Are Parents"
Radon "Rasta Car"
Yellow Swans "New Life"
Yellow Swans "Comedy Hypnosis"
Sonic Youth [untitled bonus noise track from "Experimental Jet Set, Trash & No Star"]
Lowt Ide "The Stranger"
Rescue One "Movie Viewers"
Jordy "D'ur D'ur D'Etre Bebe"
The Sodality "I Can't Stand A Bitchy Chick"
Doom "Cell 2"
Spite Extreme Wing "Somnvs Leonis"
Boris w/ Michio Kurihara "Starship Narrator"
Ween "Mourning Glory"
Josh Lay "Forgotten Grave"
Orphan Fairytale "Glorious High"
Gary Young "Plant Man"
Wesley Willis "Rick Rubin"
Crowhaven "Paradise & Testify"
Populuh "King Minos"
Mortician "Decayed"
Mortician "Final Bloodbath"
Mortician "Camp Blood"
Bongzilla "666lb Bongsession"
Old Granddad "Blatant Drug Song"

Monday, March 29, 2010

More "Late night noise" streaming

When we taped the Feb 23rd show, Andrew W.K. was originally supposed to call in, but he was unable to, due to preparation for his Q&A Session at Santos Party House. But it was still a good show, and if I wasn't so lazy I would've uploaded the whole show onto mediafire by now. Luckily, there was enough space left on our SoundCloud account to upload 20 more minutes of stuff, so here's part of that show, for anyone who's interested...

02-23-10 PART 2 by Late Night Noise

This file includes the following...
0:00 - 0:30 Naked City “Hammerhead”
0:30 - 9:30 Rake “Track 4” from the album "Intelligence Agent" (I still don't know the song titles for this record)
9:30 - 12:30 Talking
12:30 - 14:15 2 tracks from Lotus Fucker
14:15 - 19:30 - Okkulte Stimmen - Mediale Musik & talking (sounds from exorcisms in the 70's and generally creepy stuff)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

3-22-10 playlist

Tonight we're replaying the show from 3-1-10 because I'm too tired to stay up. Read the playlist from that day and thats whats on right now. no, seriously..

Saturday, March 20, 2010

playlist 3-15-10

Late Night Noise - March 15, 2010

James Tenney “Collage #1 (Blue Suede)”
James Tenney “Analog #1 (Noise Study)”
Old Grandad “Cheech And Chong II”
Old Grandad “Bovine”
Yellow Swans “N Pt. 3”
Andrew W.K. “Slam John Against A Brick Wall”
Contortions “I Can’t Stand Myself”
Cromagnon “Genetalia”
Attack! Attack! “Shred, White And Blue”
Black Dice “Ultra Vomit Craze”
Ke$ha featuring 3Oh!3 “Blah Blah Blah”
Atari Teenage Riot “Digital Hardcore”
Mortician “Skin Peeler”
Current 93 & Nurse With Wound “Mothering Sunday”
Ciccone Youth “MacBeth”
Josh Lay “Throne Of Dead Moths” (excerpt)
Z-Rock Hawaii “Chuggin’”
FNU Ronnies “Meat”
Coil “Ravenous”
Naked City “Billy Liar”
Naked City “Victims Of Torture”
Naked City “Speedfreaks”
Naked City “New Jersey Scum Swamp”
Naked City “S&M Sniper”
Naked City “Pigfucker”
Naked City “Cairo Chop Shop”
Naked City “Fuck The Facts”
Naked City “Obeah Man”
Naked City “Facelifter”
Wicked Witch “Fancy Dancer (Previously Unreleased Remix)”
Re-Broadcast Of The Andrew WK interview from last week

Friday, March 12, 2010

...and even more from monday...

For those who don't wish to download the entire show, the majority of it can now be streamed... I just discovered this awesome site called "SoundCloud" which we may be using a lot more in the future... But anyway, tracks 2 through 6 of Monday's show can now be streamed.

03-08-10 PART 2 (A.W.K. Interview Special) by Late Night Noise

03-08-10 PART 3 (A.W.K. Interview Special) by Late Night Noise

03-08-10 PART 4 (A.W.K. Interview Special) by Late Night Noise

03-08-10 PART 5 (A.W.K. Interview Special) by Late Night Noise

03-08-10 PART 6 (A.W.K. Interview Special) by Late Night Noise

Thursday, March 11, 2010

more audio from monday

In the future I'll remember to only have one rar file per 80-minute cd.. a few people said the file we posted on mediafire yesterday was too large, since it had 2 cd's worth of audio.

Here's mondays show broken into 2 parts..

Part 1: http://www.mediafire.com/?zjkmwjjmumf

Part 2: http://www.mediafire.com/?dydfooyzhyh

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Audio from last night's show!!!

Our AWK interview special from last night can be heard in its entirety!!

We're gonna try posting just the interview itself on Youtube very soon, but this is the entire show from last night broken into 7 tracks totaling 2.5 hours.

1. Fabio, talking, music from Hunok & Loop
2. Andrew WK interview part 1 (discussing the Danbury Mint, Wolf Eyes, Lollapalooza '92, Fucked Up, and more!)
3. Andrew WK interview part 2 (more about Fucked Up, 55 Cadillac, Alicia Keys, "partying," Brokencyde, and more!)
4. Andrew WK interview part 3 (discussing Dave Grohl, Aqua Teen, Birdman & Lil Wayne, Santos Party House, and more!)
5. Some bonus AWK stuff from after the CD ran out (discussing cookies, vinyl, Irving Plaza, and more!), music from Andrew WK & Old Granddad
6. Music from Old Granddad & The Men, more Fabio & discussion about Ke$ha & 3Oh!3, music from Knox Om Pax
7. Music from Aakon Keekreh, Josh Lay, Black Devil, One Oh Trix Point Never, closing discussion & “Ham Green” from Beak>


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

from Fabio's 1993 album "After Dark"

playlist 03-08-10

I had a feeling the interview tonight was going to happen, and that it was going to be a bit longer than expected.. I thought 30-40 minutes instead of 20. Well we started recording onto a CD at 11:25, 5 minutes before we got on the air. At 11:45 Andrew WK called in, and 60 minutes later we were still talking, and the CD ran out of space, which was unexpected. I guess there was a lot to discuss.. many pressing issues, which were addressed.

We did not get to the bottom of the recent "controversy" like we wanted to, but there were so many other things to talk about that it hardly mattered. Also Andrew said he wants us to give away tickets to his 1st full band concert in over 5 years, so we may be trying that out on next week's show.

Audio files from last night's show will be posted here soon!!! (As well as 2 other shows which we haven't gotten around to posting yet....)

Late Night Noise - March 8, 2010

Fabio “When Somebody Loves Somebody”
Hunok “Vresk (Oath Of The Seven Lords)”
Loop “The Nail Will Burn”

Andrew WK interview

Andrew WK “You Will Remember Tonight”
Old Granddad “Blatant Drug Song”
Old Granddad “You’re An Angel”
The Men “Ailment”
Fabio “Fabio After Dark”
Knox Om Pax “Sulfer Mercury”
Aakon Keekreh “Och Benod”
Josh Lay “Forgotten Grave”
Black Devil “Timing, Forget The Timing”
One Oh Trix Point Never “Emil Cioran”
Beak> “Ham Green”

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Audio from last week's show...

There is audio from almost all of last week's show that hasn't been posted here yet, but I've been planning on it... Hopefully sometime this week we'll be able to post it.

some videos to go along with tonight's show...

Songs from this movie's soundtrack were played both this week and last week...

I'm still obsessed with the Wicked Witch album, so we had to play 2 tracks from it tonight...

playlist 3-1-10

The show is on right now.. I'm not there.. I'm too tired, so the show is in the computer, broadcasting as I type this from the safety and snugness of my bedroom. I recorded soundclips of myself introducing the songs with my iFlip camera and converted them to mp3s, so the sound quality for those is probably going to fit in very well with our playlist tonight.

Except for one instance late in the show (which will probably make it on the air around 2:30AM), I forgot to talk about the blog in the sound clips, so I guess I fucked up. However, I really enjoyed driving from the radio station to my bedroom and hearing Electric Wizard, Monitor, Black Dice and Wicked Witch, so I'm assuming the playlist is really good tonight.

Next week Dave will be back, and we're scheduled to conduct our long-awaited interview with Andrew WK.

Can "Halleluhwah"
Can "Aumgn"
Can "Peking O" (excerpt) (all of these Can tracks are from "Tago Mago" ... the CD played while I loaded the show into the computer... some drunk guy called and rambled for about 10 minutes trying to convince me to play something from Lou Reed's live "Rock And Roll Animal" LP)

Ciccone Youth "MacBeth"
Electric Wizard "Dopethrone"
Monitor "Beak"
Monitor "Pet Wedding"
Black Dice "Ultra Vomit Craze"
Wicked Witch "Electric War (vocal)"
Wicked Witch "Erratic Behaviour"
Sun Ra "I Am The Alter-Destiny"
Sun Ra "Cosmic Forces"
Sun Ra "We Travel The Spaceways"
Sun Ra "The Overseer"
Sun Ra "Under Different Stars"
Sunn O))) "Alice"
Flipper "Life Is Cheap"
Kana "Chimame"
Kana "Kuuchuu Buranko"
Dowcet "3"
Ween "Awesome Sound"
Kamikaze Noise "Fuck The Bastard Fuckers"
Aderlating "Dying Of The Light"
Black Pus "River Than Ran Too Far"
Butthole Surfers "Graveyard"
Butthole Surfers "Pittsburgh To Lebanon"
Rukkus "All Better Now"
Rukkus "Broken Noise"
Atari Teenage Riot "Digital Hardcore"
Halflings "Burning Ambition"
Dead Noise "Depress"
Dead Noise "Distort Reality"
Z-Rock Hawaii "Piledriver"
Oshun "Rattle Of Life"
James Tenney "Beast"
James Tenney "A Rose Is A Rose Is A Round"
James Tenney "Maximusic"
James Tenney "Koan"