Wednesday, December 28, 2022


It's on baby!

We'll update this in real time as often as possible.

Wednesday Dec 28

66.6. Chat Pile "grimace_smoking_weed.jpeg"
66. Sworn Virgins "Searching for Hiro"
65. Front De Cadeaux "There Is Something Wrong"
64. The Garden "Freight Yard"
63. 100 Gecs "Doritos and Fritos"
62. My Chemical Romance "The Foundations of Decay"
61. Арлекин "Го знаеш да го видиш"
(I think the band is pronounced "Arlekin."

60. Narrow Head "Gearhead"
59. Tony Molina "The Last Time"
58. Freak Genes "Step Off"
57. David Nance "Early and Bright"
56. Guided By Voices "Lizard on the Red Brick Wall"
55. Milly "Ring True"
54. Customer "Floorboards"
53. Goon "Yet Another Window"
52. Nuclear Daisies "Heaven In Your Head"
51. Objekt "Bad Apples"
50. Disclosure ft. RAYE "Waterfall"

2022 TV Panel Roundtable Conference and Discussion with Sad13 & Jobber Kate!

Top 5 TV Shows Roundtable Discussion
5. Made For Love / Euphoria / Prisma
4. Search Party / Los Espookys / Channel 5 With Andrew Callaghan / Red Letter Media
3. Fleishman Is in Trouble / The Rehearsal / Young Royals
2. Tuca & Bertie / Barry / The Bear
1. White Lotus / Severance

Other noteworthy shows:
The Baby (honorable mention)
Hacks 2 (honorable mention)
I Hate Suzie (honorable mention)
Gossip Girl (honorable mention)
Dahmer show (worst shows)
Finale of Timetraveler's Wife (worst episode)
Beavis and Butthead (disappointments of the year)
Stranger Things (disappointments of the year)
Never Have I Ever (honorable mention)
Heartbreak High (disappointments of the year)
Sex Lives of College Girls (worst shows)
Emily In Paris (honorable mention)
Bachelor In Paradise (honorable mention)
Real Housewives of Salt Lake City (honorable mention)
FBoy Island 2 (honorable mention)

49. Disq "Civilization Four"
48. Maneka "Zipline"
47. Nilufer Yanya "Chase Me"
46. Sedona "Sharkbite"
45. Snail Mail "Feeling Like I Do"

2022 Movies Roundtable with Nick Reinhart & Jobber Kate!

3 Worst Movies Talk
3. Smile / A Christmas Karen / The Pizzagate Massacre
2. Pearl / Everything Everywhere All At Once / Do Revenge
1. Skinamarink / Senior Year / Metal Lords

Other noteworthy worsts:
Aqua Teen: Plantasm
VHS 99

44. Crowbar "Crush Negativity"
43. Nebula "Highwired"
42. Bashford "Gateway to the Underworld"


Thursday Dec 29

41. Automatic "Skyscraper"
40. Hatchie "Lights On"
39. Paramore "The News"
38. Ex-Void "Churchyard"
37. Milly "Illuminate"
36. Oceanator "Stuck"
35. Disq "(With Respect To) Loyal Serfs"
34. Joey Badass "Eulogy"
33. Westside Gunn ft A$AP Rocky "Shootouts In Soho"

2022 Movies Roundtable Talk with Nick Reinhart & Jobber Kate!

Top 5 Movies of 2022 Talk
5. Crimes of the Future / Ambulance / Terrifier 2
4. The Fabelmans / Decision to Leave / The Menu
3. Bones and All / Nope
2. Hannah Ha Ha / Inspector Ike / Triangle of Sadness
1. Funny Pages / Lux Æterna

Honorable mentions:
Red Rocket (late-2021)
Licorice Pizza (late-2021)
Emily The Criminal
Beavis and Butthead Do The Universe

32. Lil Ugly Mane "Low Tide at the Dryin Out Facility"
31. Chat Pile "Lake Time (Mr. Rodan)"

30. R. Ring "Def Sup"
29. Flex TMG "Burn This Town"
28. Flasher "I'm Better"
27. Disheveled Cuss "Creep a Little Closer"
26. Plosivs "See You Suffer"
25. Fu Manchu "Strange Plan"
24. Quicksand "Feliz"
23. Darkthrone "The Sea Beneath The Seas Of The Sea"
22. KayCyy & Gesaffelstein "OKAY!"
21. Yung Lean "Trip"

20. L.O.T.I.O.N. Multinational Corporation ft Lulu "Cybernetic Super Lover"
19. Soul Glo "Gold Chain Punk (whogonbeatmyass?)"
18. Sunami "Fake Blood"
17. Mindforce "Thirteen & Mean"
16. Soccer Mommy "Shotgun"
15. Momma "Tall Home"
14. MJ Lenderman "Hangover Game"
13. Praise "Eyes in the Dark"
12. Surface To Air Missive "Attic"
11. Alex G "Runner"

10. Built to Spill "Never Alright"
9. Nilufer Yanya "The Dealer"
8. Jay Worthy & Larry June "Big Funds"
7. Pusha T "Brambleton"
6. Anz f/ George Riley "You Could Be"
5. Alien Boy "Wondering Still"
4. Dazy & Militarie Gun "Pressure Cooker"
3. Momma "Speeding 72"
2. Mister Goblin "Good Son / Bad Seed"
1. Chat Pile "Slaughterhouse"

Walk-off Song: Chloe Brown "Surprise Party"