Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Playlist for 7/26/10

This may be the last night of the show as it has existed for the last year or so. I am moving away next week and won't be able to contribute as I have enjoyed doing in the past.


It especially does not mean that this blog will fall into dormancy and disrepair. The blog will be maintained and the show will live on. Stick around. I may even continue updating the twitter for our mass of followers.

The show tonight was rather wonderful. I came across something earlier today on the internet called I-doser which appears to be a website where you can buy sound files that are meant to induce drug symptoms such as euphoria and hallucinations through the use of frequency and tone or something. We played one tonight that was meant to make you feel as though you were standing at the Gates of Hades.

You can find these files pretty easily on mediafire...that's what I did.

You can also find videos of reactions to the experience on Youtube. You could go over there and check em out.

We also did a buncha other stuff. Hope you dug it, and you can bet it'll be rebroadcast at some point.

LNN 7/26/10

Babe Rainbow – I can try to run (stuck)
Stalker – Disconnection (Disconnected)
Oneohtrixpointnever – LL (Something I Never Had/Over

Lascowiec – Track 7
Lascowiec – Track 3
Ocrilim – Track 7
Andrew WK – I came for you

Un – Phila (Freedom)
Rescue One – Chateau 19
Sonic Youth – Bonus Noise From the Jet Set Whatever

I-Doser – Gates of Hades

Ke$ha/Katy Perry Mash Up – California Gurls Tik Tok
Naughty By Nature – OPP

Bathcrones – False Teeth
Tjutjuna – Mosquito Hawk
Sun Araw – The Stakeout (feat W. Giachi)
Shumba Ratshega – Sananapo
Holy Spirits – White Walls
High Beams – Feasting on Energy
Valeskaja Valcav – Copper Manor
Hirpvs – Satvrnia Tellvs
Blissed Out – Lindsay Lohan Fuck U Edit
Sun Araw – Get Low

We made a 3 or 4 hour playlist so the fun wouldn't end till early in the morning. I don't remember what that consisted of, but you can bet it is fucking awesome.

See ya around.

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