Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Late Night Noise 2021 Wrap-Up -- January 3, 2022

Not a best-of; just a wrap-up:
-- stuff played on previous shows
-- deeper cuts from those records
-- a few from last week's Mixtape show
-- stuff we found over the weekend
-- stuff we found on catatonicyouths Instagram^^^

Laughing Gear "Possession"
Tee Vee Repairmen "Patterns" (NEW)
Silicone Prairie "America"
Silicone Prairie "Open Module"
Snooper "Pod" (NEW)
Maneka "Rx Queen"
Hypnotizing Chickens "I'm On Time"
Research Reactor Corp "Human To Raisan"
Goldblum "Transluscent Skin"
Freak Genes "Something Else"
Freak Genes "Physical Form" (NEW)

Karen June Lawrence "Disco Ball"
Liquids "You're a Punk" (NEW)
Mope City "Covered In Might"
Guardian Singles "Gold Plated Cars"
Pile "Part 10" (NEW)
Pile "Part 11" (NEW)

Jana Rush "Painful Enlightenment"
Flash Trading "Landlord's Lament"
Madlib "The Call" (NEW)
Madlib "The New Normal" (NEW)
Container "Rippler" (NEW)
^^^Ame Bibabi "Chin Up High" (NEW)

C.I.A. DĂ©butante "Haixing Song" (NEW)
Sam Gendel "Sometimes I Feel So Good"
John Dwyer (et al) "The War Clock" (NEW)
Paula Shocron, William Parker & John Diaz "Los Jardines" (NEW)
^^^Sarah Brand "Red Dress" (NEW)
EBG Ejizzle "Jizzle Flow" (NEW)
Playboi Carti "Sky" (NEW)
Larry June f/ Money Man "Intercepted" (NEW)
Deuce Ellis f/ Che Noir "Spit Acid" (NEW)

ILOVEMANNOKEN & Lil B "More Bitches than the Mayor" (NEW)
Lil B "Lil B Ain't No Punk"

Gridiron "Creepin" (NEW)
Gridiron "Ain't Turned Mine" (NEW)
Ekulu "Proven Wrong"
Outta Pocket "Endless Remorse" (NEW)
Section H8 "Hate"

^^^Maelstrom Vale "Doomed Traveler" (NEW)
Slant "Casualty"
Slant "Enemy"
Gel "Violent Closure"
Melissa "Lisa"
Sanguisugabogg "Dead As Shit" (NEW)
Fossilization "Blight Cathedral" (NEW)
Nunslaughter "Casket Lid Creaks"

Bongzilla "Free The Weed" (NEW)
Dridge "Boomerang"
Struggling Harsh Immortals "In The Mouth Of Madness"
Sial "Kita Dilahirkan Untuk Mati"
Clibbus "Telephone from Marble Mouth" (NEW)
Poison Ruin "Doppelgänger" (NEW)
Waste Man "Proofreaders, Singles, and Philosophers" (NEW)
Fire-Toolz "Thick_flowy_glowy_sparkly_stingy_pain.mpeg"
Bill Orcutt "A Mechanical Joey (Side A) (excerpt)"

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