Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Late Night Noise -- July 18, 2022 (STILL SUMMER!)

David Nance "Amethyst" (NEW)
Beak> "Spinning Top" [2nd album 10-year anniversary]

Serge Gainsbourge "Shotgun"
Arlekin "On Conditional" (NEW)
Psychic Ills & Gibby Haynes "At Long Last" (NEW)

[not much talking from unwound until the end of the show.]

Unwound "Were Are and Was or Is"
Guided By Voices "Boomerang" (NEW)
Eve Adams "El Loteria" (NEW)
Sworn Virgins "Searching for Hiro" (NEW)
Black Devil "No Regrets"
Nicki Minaj "Stupid Hoe"
KP & Envyi "Swing My Way"
The Eight Minutes "Take My Love Don't Set Me Free" (New reissue)

Landon George ft MJ Lenderman & Will Younts "Boaring a Hole in my Chest for Someone I Have Not Yet Met"
The Beatles "Savoy Truffle"
The Faust Tapes (excerpt***)
Emily Montes "Take Me Away"
Dowcet "Training for Space"
Z-Rock Hawaii "Tuchus"
Sodom "Surfin' Bird"
DJ Shadow "What Does Your Soul Look Like Pt 4"
Velvet Underground "Venus in Furs (Scepter Studios session)"
Oshun "Rattle Of Life"
Chicago "Free Form Guitar"
My Bloody Valentine "Instrumental No 2"
Alex Chilton "Sugar Sugar I Got The Feeling"

***The Faust Tapes excerpt was about 12 minutes from the middle of the record. These track titles are from Spotify:
Faust "Dr Schwitters intro"
Faust "Several Hands on Our Piano"
Faust "Beam Me Up Scotty"
Faust "Elerimomuvid"
Faust "Dr. Schwitters"
Faust "Have a Good Time Everybody"
Faust "Above and Under Our Piano"
Faust "Hermanns Lament"

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