Monday, July 11, 2022

Late Night Noise -- July 11, 2022 (7/11 show)

Last week was the alunmi weekend re-broadcast and before that was 3 weeks of reruns. Shooting for more big shows in July tho. Tried to make it up for tonight, but we had a cat emergency, so instead this week the show is coming remotely from Brooklyn. First Brooklyn show since over a year ago.

Many of our favorite WXCI memories are of mid-summer shows when there was almost no one else in the building. Tonight's 7/11 broadcast is a tribute to those wacky summer shows.

NEU! "Hero"
BEAK> "The Gaol" [10 year anniversary]
David Nance "Prophet's Profit" (NEW)
J Mascis + The Fog "Back Before You Go"
Faust "Stretch Out Time"
Faust "Der Baum"
Faust "Chere Chambre"

Sleep "The Druid"
Gulch "Monkey Gone to Heaven" (NEW)
Alexalone "Rainbow" (NEW)
Beck "Outcome"
Aphex Twin "Milkman"

From Sintomas de techno: Ondas Electronicas Subterraneas Desde Peru 1985-1992:
T de Cobre "No Nunca"
Meine Katze Und Ich "La Gran Masa"
Ensemble "Industria de Odio"

'50s Block:
Louis and Bebe Barron "Battle with the Invisible Man"
Tom Dissevelt "Song of the Second Moon"
John Cage "Williams Mix"

Pavement "The Killing Moon"
Miami Sound Machine "Falling in Love (Uh-Oh)"
Water Damage "Reel 2" (NEW)
Swell Maps "Read About Seymour"
Ammo "Balance of Hatred" (NEW)
Nine of Swords "What Is Love" (NEW)

Metal Church "Fake Healer"
Down "Temptations Wings"
Eyehategod "White Neighbor"
Life's Question "For You" (NEW)

Elizabeth Cotten "Freight Train"
The Beatles "Long Long Long"
Otis Houston Jr "Cynthia Ali" (NEW)
The False Berries "Crisis Actor" (NEW)
Flasher "Dial Up" (NEW)
Can "Spoon (Live)"
NEU! "After Eight"
Guided By Voices "Lizard on the Red Brick Wall" (NEW)
John Dwyer "Psychic Liberation"
Giuseppe Andrews "Roller Blades"

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