Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Late Night Noise -- February 7, 2022

Eyes of the Amaryllis "Malibu Pt 1" (NEW)
Boris "You Will Know (Ohayo version)" (NEW)

Eye and Chu (Destroy 2) "We Are Voice and Rhythm Only"
Bongzilla "Mother Flower's Little Helper" (NEW)
Eyehategod "Dixie Whiskey"
Floor "Iommi"
Despise You "Smile & Play The Part"
Suicide "Rocket USA"
Man-Eaters "Ball of Snakes" (NEW)
Writhing Squares "Epilogue" (NEW)

Klon Dump "Klon Mundo - Klon Domo" (NEW)
Beans "Interval"
Kool Keith "I'm A Tell You"
Willie D "Trip Across From Mexico"
Beastie Boys "Your Sister's Def"
Beak> "Iron Acton"
My Bloody Valentine "Instrumental No. 1"
The Who "Heinz Baked Beans"
Space Needle "Never Lonely Alone"
Seaweed "Go Your Own Way"

Tons "Chronic Morning Obesity (Parts 1, 2, & 3)" (NEW)
Sunburned Hand of the Man "The Air" (NEW)
Bashford "Bitter Masses" (NEW)
Dridge "Figure it Out" (NEW)
Flossie and the Unicorns "Chewing Gum From Outer Space"
Cromagnon "First World of Bronze"
Turnstile "Time & Space"
Nachtmytium "No Funeral"
Paul Beaver "Section 4: Frequency Modulation"

Beherit "The Gate of Inanna"
Tammy Faye Baker "Oops There Comes A Smile"
Farm "Sunshine In My Window"
Beak> "We Can Go"
Boris and Michio Kurihara "You Laughed Like A Water Mark"
Wreck Small Speakers on Expensive Stereos "Why Do I Look At You That Way"
Sebadoh "Part 1/2/3/4"
Philary "Old Leg"

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