Thursday, January 14, 2021

Late Night Noise [Favorite LNN Tracks of 2020 Part 1 + RIP MF Doom] -- January 11, 2021

Oh shit yea we forgot to post this. We couldn't fit everything in so more best of 2020 will play next week!

Viper "F**k Earth Im Gon Wage An Interstella War"
Drakeo The Ruler "GTA VI"
Drakeo The Ruler "Backflip or Sumn"
KeiyaA "Rectifya"
Badbadnotgood & MF Doom "The Chocolate Conquistadors" (RIP)
Madvillain "Operation Lifesaver Mint Test" (RIP)
Madvillain "Figaro" (RIP)
Madvillain "Hardcore Hustle" (RIP)
Madvillain "Strange Ways" (RIP)
Madvillain "Fancy Clown" (RIP)

Neil Young "Florida"
O​$​VMV​$​M "Phase 4"
te/Dis "Behind The Door"
Twice Eyes "Hit Me Up"
Surface to Air Missive "Trouble Is"
Fire-Toolz "Decrepit Phoenix"

mhysa "sad slutty baby wants more from the world"
Otis Houston Jr "Who's The Fool"
Otis Houston Jr "This Real Man Black Cherokee"
Otis Houston Jr "My Books I Read"
Hand Of Food "Swimming Mindlessly"
Nnamdi "Glass Casket"
Eyehategod "High Risk Trigger"
Revenge "Reaper Abyss (Real Rain)"
Home Blitz "Real Green"
Steve Hartlett "Bugs In The Face"
Emily Montes - Emily Montes (Full Album)
David Nance "July Sunrise"
No Age "Smoothie"
No Age "Working Stiff Takes A Break"
No Age "War Dance"
CCR Headcleaner "Star Cry"
Turnstile x Mall Grab "I Wanna Be Blind"

Lil B "The Curse Is Over" (NEW)
Lil B "Without Hoop" (NEW)
Lil B "Money Ova Here" (NEW)
Lil B "Wasap James Harden" (NEW)
Lil B "Flagrant Foul" (NEW)

Viper "Deep In The Hustle (King Of 2020 Forever)"
Viper "You Wanna See Me Dead Cause Of My Hops"
Viper "Hey, Maybe One Day You'll See Me Again"
MF Doom "Hoe Cakes" (RIP)
MF Doom "Potholderz" (RIP)
Space Camp "She Tells Me Yes Yes Yes"
Namatay Sa Ingay "Pagkagapos"
Ritual Clearing "Void"
Xibalba "En la Oscuridad"
Xibalba "El Abismo Part 1"
Xibalba "El Abismo Part 2"
Mr Bungle "Spreading The Thighs Of Death"
Hum "The Summoning"

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