Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Late Night Noise (Favorite LNN 2020 Tracks Part 2) -- January 18, 2021

Bedwetter "Headboard"
Eric Copeland "Motor"
Territory Slugs "Major Mistake (Live on Instagram April 28, 2020)"
Spyroids "Spike"
Spyroids "Conga Line"
Thiago Nassif "Transparante"
Oh Sees "Tear Ducks"
Oneohtrix Point Never "No Nightmares"

2020 Reissue tracks:
Sharhabeel Ahmed "Argos Farfish"
Galaxy "Disco Funk"
Théâtre du Chêne Noir "La Vieillesse et La Mort"
Maalem Mahmoud Gania "La Iiha Illa Allah"

Beau Wazner "Kitchen Clock"
Masterpiece Machine "Letting You In On A Secret"
Machine Girl "Blood Magic"
Research Reactor Corp "Bizniz World"
Maximum Ernst "Un Menace Natural"
The Gagmen "Untitled 4"
Omerta "Cidephile"
Saigan Terror "Uncle Murder"
Three Knee Deep "No Comparin"
Innumerable Forms "Despotic Rule"
Expander "Hyper Flesh Aedificium"
Gulch "Sin In My Heart"
Higher Power "King Of My Domain"
Rebel Wizard "The Mind Is Not Your Friend"

Lil B "Pour A Cup"
Lil B "Where da Orange Juice"
Lil B "Rolling Dice"
Lil B "This Water Crazy"
Lil B "Wake Up Mr Flowers (Remix)"

Boris "Lust"
Emma Ruth Rundle & Thou "Killing Floor"
Stephen Malkmus "Xian Man"
Deerhoof "Farewell Symphony"
Sissy Spacek/Smegma "Nod To Nowhere"

Yes "Close To The Edge"

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