Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Well hey lookit that, Ovlov was our guest for Top 10 Jams for the 2nd week in a row, almost as if they never left LOL.

We talked about Gunk splitting up :( and their new band that toured in place of Gunk. And Steve told us the true story about the inspiration for the song "There's My Dini" and we listened to the actual voicemail from Dini that inspired the song.

This is just copied and pasted from my notes.

90s oct 13
coolio - gangsta's paradise
nirvana - sappy
beastie boys - do it

sloan - snowsuit sound
veruca salt - get back
shudder to think - earthquakes come home
pharcyde - passin me by

hum - pinch and roll
green day - don't leave me
apache - gangsta bitch
jamiroquai - virtual insanity

fiona apple - shadowboxer
stone temple pilots - big bang baby
nada surf - troublemaker
faith no more - RV

alice in chains - junkhead
ace of base - living in danger
fugazi - guilford fall

the fall - 15 ways
pie - smashed your dreams
pink floyd - what do you want from me
modest mouse - takin shit about a pretty sunset

gza - basic instructions before leaving earth

oct 13 top 10
10. tkay maidza "u-huh"
9. ex hex "new kid"
8. king tuff "headbanger"
7. palberta "all the way"
6. thom yorke "guess again!"
5. kendrick lamar "i"
4. NehruvianDOOM "OM"
3. two inch astronaut "foulbrood"
2. krill "peanut butter"
1. caribou "back home"

oct 13 late night noise

ovlov "there's my dini"
spazz's track 1 from spazz bronson split

modest mouse
- call to dial a song
- 54321 lipsoff
- woodgrain
- bmx crash
- sucker bat
- black blood and old newagers

Disco Doom "Drifter"
gunk "kill them all"

The Dead C "Your Hand"
Modest Mouse those songs

the entire side of that 1 spazz alb
aby gnana diop "sapaly"
lit "miserable"
Eyehategod "Masters of Legalized Confusion"
Aljahi side A
toni braxton - breathe again

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