Tuesday, November 18, 2014

NOV 10 and 17

Uhhh... ok so what happened on Nov 10 was that once again we worked very hard on putting together a pre-recorded show. I went to go see Sloan and Tero Melos in Hamden last Monday, because I have never seen Sloan and I really wanted to go. While I was there, I got several texts from friends asking why the show sounded strange, and I'm just like "what do you mean the show sounds strange? What happened this time?"

While driving home afterwards, it became obvious that somehow all of the audio files for '90s Mixtape, Top 10 Jams and Late Night Noise were shuffled so that everything was in the incorrect order, and my voice was announcing songs that had not played. Pretty embarrassing. And frustrating considering how much time goes into putting the whole thing together.

So we went to investigate this problem last night. Based on our observations last night, here's what we think happened.

The file "11 10 14.mpl" - all set to begin playing in the automation computer at 9:07PM on Monday, November 10 - was last seen by us on the evening of November 9th around 12:30AM.

However, when we checked just last night, the file properties state that it was "modified" around 1:15PM on Monday, November 10. Which means that some genius working at WXCI opened "11 10 14.mpl" and (probably by accident) shuffled all of the audio files that had been carefully ordered the day prior. And this genius child not only shuffled the files, but was brilliant enough to hit "SAVE" afterwards (because before you close the program it asks "do you want to save changes?" and often times the instinct is to hit "yes" but what the fuck, this asshole shouldn't have fucking opened the playlist in the first place). (MPL is a "mini-playlist" extension. It sets it up so that an ordered list, separate from the standard master list, can play without interruption by other events such as breakers, PSAs and rotation songs.)

Here's what would have played on '90s Mixtape on Nov 10. Technically all of this songs did get played last Monday night, but scattered throughout the course of a 5 hour period...

Sagat "Funk Dat"
Smart Went Crazy "Con Art"
Bush "Testosterone"
TLC "What About Your Friends"
AMG "Bitch Betta Have My money"
Brainiac "Nothing Ever Changes"

Kris Kross "Jump"
Black Sheep "Strobelight Honey"
Pete Rock & CL Smooth "Act Like You Know"
Stone Temple Pilots "Big Bang Baby"
Weezer "No Other One"

The Cardigans "Hanging Around"
Green Day "In The End"

Hum "Iron Clad Lou"
Soundgarden "Limo Wreck"

Fun Factory "Close to You"
Jennifer Paige "Crush"
Self "Borateen"
Failure "Stuck on You"
Radish "Little Pink Stars"

Modest mouse "Heart Cooks Brain"
Better Than Ezra "In The Blood"
Big Pun "Still Not a Playa"

Nirvana "Francis Farmer"

So then last night, we tried to make it up to ourselves by playing the Nov 10 Top Ten Jams during the 9PM to 10PM hour, followed by the Nov 17 Top Ten Jams, and a rage-quit version of Late Night Noise that played most of the songs that also were played the week prior. Here's last night's playlist...


12. total slacker "touch yrself"
11. tinashe "far side of the moon"
10. weezer "lonely girl"
9. ariel pink "picture me gone"
8. ex-breathers "auto-correct"
7. mykki blanco "a moment with kathleen"
6. ex hex "don't wanna lose"
5. drake "6 god"
4. big ups "rash"
3. ghostface killah / badbadnotgood "gunshowers"
2. shamir "on the regular"
1. deerhoof "exit only"

Flying Lotus "Never Catch Me"
Hospitality "Inauguration"

10. Celestial Shore "Creation Myth"
9. Ariana Grande f/ The Weeknd "Love Me Harder"
8. Young Money "Senile"
7. Palberta "Store"
6. Washer "Rot"
5. Schoolboy Q "Break the Bank"
(bonus jam) Kal Marks "Zimmerman"
4. Deerhoof "Paradise Girls"
3. TV On The Radio "Happy idiot"
2. Azelea Banks "Ice Princess"
1. Two Inch Astronaut "Dead White Boy"

Sloan (side 1 of commonwealth)
Atari Teenage Riot "Deutschland Has Gotta Die"
Brujeria "Padre Nuestro"
Black Dice "Ten Inches"
Ween "Tastes Good On Th' Bun"
Meat Puppets "Plateau"
Nelly "Flap Your Wings"
Donnie and Joe Emerson "My Heart"

Beak "Green Machine"
Space Streakings "FOJK"
Lowt Ide "Would You Guys Mind Not Playing anymore songs?"
Lowt Ide "Lowt Ide Got Laid off by AIG"
Beastie Boys "Some Dumb Cop Gave Me Two Tickets Already"
Miles Davis "Rated X"
Lowt Ide "Where Can I Sign Up"
Suicide "Ghost Rider"
Numb Bats "Kill Yourself"
Lowt Ide "Your Turn 1"
TV On The Radio "Yr God"
Good Throb "Culture Vulture"
Rake "Track 10"
Deadly Poison "Acapella DJ Lovin Disco"
Quintron "Bug Attack"

plus another hour last 1AM when more music from last week's show

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