Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Late Night Noise -- August 8, 2022 (Weenapalooza returns!)

Two marathon blocks of Ween were aired tonight -- one at 10:30PM and another at 1:30AM. It was great. Thanks to the listeners for encouraging this!

We also aired audio from the 2nd thing I ever posted on Youtube in 2008, and I told the story of how I found the guy whose band it is in 2016, and then I said I would post it on the blog (for the 2nd or 3rd time), so here it is:

Chat Pile "Grimace_smoking_weed.jpeg" (NEW)

Ween "Voodoo Lady"
Ween "The Rainbow"
Ween "Ambrosia Parsley"
Ween "Don't Shit Where You Eat"
Ween "Chocolate Town"
Ween "Gabrielle"
Ween "Hello Johnny"

Nebula "Existential Blues" (NEW)
Unwound "Dragnalus"
Thin Lizzy "Wild One"
David Nance "Not Blow Up Earth" (NEW)
Gary Wilson "6.4 = Make Out"
Palm "Feathers" (NEW)

Amphibian Man II "Crimea 2084" (NEW)
Sam Gendel "Bain Ranch Drums" (NEW)
Sam Gendel "Boplicity" (NEW)
Jimmy Corley "It's Over"
Chalk "Lark in the Morning" (NEW)
Chalk "A Winning Smile" (NEW)

Psychic Ills & Gibby Haynes "Schizo Fez" (NEW)
Neil Young "Florida"
No Age "Smoothie"
Elisabeth Harnik, Didi Kern & Jaap Blonk "Steamology III" (NEW)
Viper + kettleonblack "Fuck Earth ima Wage An Interstella War"
Kool Keith "Livin Astro"

L.O.T.I.O.N. "Every Last One" (NEW)
Visage "Fade to Grey"
Volksmusik "Secret Girl (Pau Nazca Mix)"
Cabaret Voltaire "Nag Nag Nag"
Beak> "Sex Music"
The Birthday Party "Release the Bats"
The Pop Group "She Is Beyond Good and Evil"
Desert Sessions "Bring It Back Gentle"

Innumerable Forms "Built On Wrought" (NEW)
Tomb Mold "Manor of Infinite Forms"
Gonkulator [unknown song title]
Plutocracy "Time Portal"
Plutocracy "West Bay Policy"
Territory Slugs "Major Mistake (Live on Instagram April 2020)"

Ween "Flutes of the Chi"
Ween "How High Can You Fly"
Ween "I'll Miss You"
Ween "Sweet Texas Fire"
Ween "Makin Love In The Gravy"
Ween "Moving Away"
Ween "You Were The Fool"
Ween "She'll Just Get You"
Ween "Touch My Tooter"
Ween "Candi"

Stereolab & Nurse With Wound "Trippin' With The Birds"

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