Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Late Night Noise -- May 2, 2022

Hey! How did you like the show??

The Invaders "Spacing Out"
Archie Shepp "Attica Blues"
Davila 666 "Tu"
Rescue One "My Name Isn't Here (side B mix)"
Aaron Dilloway "Karaoke with Cal"
Mr. Mister "Is It Love"
Gary Schneider "Cast Your Fate to the Wind & The Breeze and I"
Men's Recovery Project "700 Story Building"
Men's Recovery Project "Cacti"
Men's Recovery Project "Bleeding Gash"

Void "Who Are You?"
Dark Noerd "Smokin' Husks"
old man lady luck "Untitled 1"

MARAUDEUR "Death/Suicide" (NEW)
Dirty Beaches "Horses"
F/I "Trauma At The Beach"
Treasury of Puppies "Himlen Den Vackraste" (NEW)
Eve Adams "El Loteria" (NEW)

Virginia Genta & Chris Corsano "Slate Explosion"
Don Cherry "Brown Rice"
The Horace Silver Quintet "Song for My Father"
Chicago "Free Form Guitar"

Troth "Komodo" (NEW)
Dali Muru & The Polyphonic Swarm "Danube Dwellers"
Shumba Ratshega "Dikgafela" (NEW)

Pink Floyd “Up the Khyber”
Dan McLeod “Highway Kicks”
No Age “Boy Void”
Little Howlin’ Wolf “Rowche Rumble”
Arvid Noe “What Makes a Person Break their Phone”
This Heat "Repeat"

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