Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Late Night Noise -- April 11, 2022

Forgot to post a few recent shows...

Rescue One "My Name Isn't Here"
Pavement "Hit The Plane Down"
Unsane "Slag"
Floor "Goddard"
Unwound "You Speak Jealousy"

Lisa Jaynes "Let It Be Known"
Serge Gainsbourg "You're Under Arrest"
Bill Evans Trio "Nardis"
Ata Kak "Daa Nyinaa"
Sworn Virgins "Searchin For Hiro"

Gridiron "25-8"
E-Town Concrete "Mandibles"
Void "Who Are You"
Gel "Violent Closure"
Power Trip "Hornet's Nest"
Outta Pocket "Struck Down By God"

Dali Muru & The Polyphonic Swarm "My Boar"
Kraftwerk "Numbers"
Uwalmassa "Majuh"
Sebadoh "Hank Williams"
Theoreme "Tourterelle"
Treasury of Puppies "Doddens Soffa"
Painkiller "Devils Eye"
Nirvana "Hairspray Queen"

I-F "Space Invaders are Smoking Grass"
Caribou "Sun"
Aphex Twin "Curtains"
Viper "F-k Earth Im Gon Wage An Interstella War"
Current 93 "I Have a Special Plan for this World"

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