Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Late Night Noise -- September 13, 2021

Calling this the "Peter Brotzmann appreciation edition" because we (eventually) played both sides of Nipples in its entirety, although it happened after 1am, so it's not in the mixcloud stream lol.

King Kong "Old Man On The Bridge"
Beak> "Ah Yeh" (NEW)
US Maple "The Wanderer"
The Freekees "Freakee Friday" (NEW)
Alex Chilton "Sugar Sugar I Got The Feelin'"
Come "Sex Beat" (NEW)
Frigate "Dreams of the Deep"
Guardian Singles "Heartland" (NEW)
Black Sheep "Try Counting Sheep"
Ultramagnetic MCs "Ain't It Good To You"

IAM "Elle Est A Moi"
Dr Octagon "Wild and Crazy"
MC Hammer "Pray"
Turnstile "Dance-Off" (NEW)
Never Ending Game "But Not For Me" (NEW)
Power Trip "Soul Sacrifice"
Nunslaughter "Red Is the Color Of Ripping Death" (NEW)
Beherit "Intro: Invocation"
Beherit "Seventh Blasphemy"
Eric Copeland "Corn On The Cob"
Body/Dilloway/Head "Goin' Down" (NEW)

Lil B f/ iLoveMakonnen "Global"
Lil B "Ain't Me"

TV On The Radio "Yr God"
ESG "Erase You"
Electric Hellfire Club "DWSOB"
Rexy "Nervoso"
Peter Brotzmann Sextet "Nipples"
Peter Brotzmann Sextet "Tell A Green Man"
Windhand "Two Sisters"
Electric Wizard "Weird Tales"

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