Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Late Night Noise -- June 7, 2021 ([A]Live Show)

Probably stuck in the simulation, but whatever, radio is cool and we're live again for the first time since March 2020 so that's cool.

Space Invaders "99% Piss"
Teenage Fanclub "Everything Flows"
Chris Corsano and Bill Orcutt "Man Carrying Thing" (NEW)
Silicone Prairie "PD2TB" (NEW)
Silicone Prairie "Dance To The Beat" (NEW)
Freak Genes "Let's Get To Work" (NEW)
Freak Genes "Electric House" (NEW)
Pink Section "Been In The Basement 30 Years"
Floor "Every Happy Slumber"
Floor "Madonna"

Space Needle "Sugar Mountain"
My Bloody Valentine "How Do You Do It"
Ringo Deathstarr "Lazy Lane"
Veruca Salt "Aurora"
Thiago Nassif "Plastico"
Spellling "Under The Sun"
Dinosaur Jr "Forget The Swan (Live)"
Black Sabbath "Slipping Away"
Beak> "Oh Know" (NEW)
Aaliyah "If Your Girl Only Knew"
Raekwon "Guillotine"

Lil B "I Seen That Light"

Big Cheese "Tired Children In D Minor"
Big Cheese "Punishment Park"
Big Cheese "Write-Off"
Merauder "Master Killer"
Xibalba "Tierra Y Libertad"
Mindforce "My Rage"
Goat Felch "Gloryhole Confessional Booth"
Bent Life "Thanks For Nothing" (NEW)
Nunslaughter "Ride My Nightmare"
Cro-Mags "Malfunction"
Rake "Thin The Herd"
Stereolab & Nurse with Wound "Simple Headphone Mind"

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