Tuesday, March 30, 2021

"Best Of" Late Night Noise -- March 29, 2021

This actually worked out well, so this will probably remain the format for future "Best Of" re-run shows:

Hour 1: "From The Vaults," an archived in-studio/session performance, guest DJ, interview, etc.
Many of these recordings are less than 60 minutes, and so padding will be inserted to get the next section of the show started right at 11pm.

Hour 2-3: Re-airing an entire old show from start to finish. We have a lot of these.

We don't really want to air "Best of" shows that often, but we feel obligated to fill the spot with something when we can't physically be there.

So here's what got played:

Re-airing of April 23, 2012
Empty Womb -- Live in the WXCI studio (5 songs)
We're pretty sure the songs had titles but we were never given a set list. Also this set is possibly their only recorded music. They were kind of mysterious.

Black Flag "Your Last Affront"
Dinosaur L "Go Bang"
Egyptian Lover "I Cry (Night After Night)"
Jaap Blonk, Lou Mallozzi, and Ken Vandermark "Aarr Bienn" (NEW)

Re-airing of February 24, 2020 show

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