Thursday, December 26, 2019

2019 MIXTAPE IS ON NOW!!!!!!!!!

2019 Mixtape End of year spectacular

Listen live at WXCI.Org!!!

EDIT: If you missed the mixtape, the show will be re-airing Monday Dec 30 at 10PM in lieu of this week's Late Night Noise. (It's about 6.5 hours long so it will be on until like 4:30AM.)

The entire show will also be posted to the Late Night Noise Mixcloud later this weekend:

80. Green Druid “The End of Men”
79. Young Guv “Patterns Prevail”
78. Alex G “Walk Away”
77. L.O.T.I.O.N. “Unplugged”
76. Control Top “Covert Contracts”
75. Big Bite “Blue Nine”
74. E-40 f/ Quavo, Roddy Rich & Asap Ferg “Chase The Money”
73. Cement Shoes “Unite the Right in Hell”
72. Frank Ocean “In My Room”
71. Freddie Gibbs & Madlib “Flat Tummy Tea”

70. Fury “Angels Over Berlin”
69. Never Ending Game “God Forgives”
68. Devil Master “Black Flame Candle”
67. Danny Brown “Dirty Laundry”
66. Girl Ray “Girl”
65. Casey Veggies f/ Dom Kennedy "Stop Playin"
64. Drake f/ Rick Ross "Money In The Grave"
63. Buttechno "Wb Movement"
62. Three Knee Deep "Duck Down"
61. Spice Boys “Dream Vendor”

60. Special Request "237,000 Miles"
59. The Boyboy West Coast “U Was At The Club (Bottoms Up)”
58. Neil Young + Crazy Horse “Help Me Lose My Mind”
57. Stephen Malkmus “Rushing The Acid Frat”
56. Guided By Voices “Ego Central High”
55. Tool "Pneuma"
54. Slipknot "Spiders"
53. Rammstein "Sex"
52. ShittyBoyz “Game Breaker”
51. Haroinfather f/ Savagegasp “Tunnel Of Love”

50. Lizzo f/ Missy Elliott "Tempo"
49. Hatchie "Without a Blush"
48. Tropical Fuck Storm "Paradise"
47. MGMT "In the Afternoon"
46. Nudie Mag “Please Be The One”
45. Desert Sessions “Something You Can’t See”
44. Spelling "Under The Sun"
43. DaBaby "BOP"
42. Riot City “Livin’ Fast”
41. Fuming Mouth “Visions of Purgatory”

40. Creeping Death “Bloodlust Contamination”
39. Blood Incantation “Slave Species Of The Gods”
38. Wolf Whistle "Your Dog Lives (In Pomerania)"
37. Tyler, The Creator “New Magic Wand”
36. Carly Rae Jepsen “I’ll Be Your Girl”
35. Grimes “My Name Is Dark (Art Mix)”
34. Young Guv “Can I Luv U In My Own Way”
33. (Sandy) Alex G "Hope"
32. Sebadoh "Phantom"
31. Lil B “Get That Money Based Freestyle”

30. DaBaby “VIBEZ”
29. Sean Henry “Can U”
28. Vertical Scratchers “Song of Earth”
27. Glitterer “1001”
26. Three Knee Deep “Devil’s Playground”
25. CZ Wang and Neo Image f/ Separated at Birth “Just Off Wave”
24. Hatchie “Unwanted Guest”
23. Kevin Krauter “Pretty Boy”
22. Holy Serpent “For No One”
21. Big Thief "Not"

20. Otoboke Beaver “Datsu. Hikage No Onna”
19. Palehound "Your Boyfriend's Gun"
Bonus: Young Chomsky "Goodbye Silicon Valley"

18. Maneka “Time in the Barrel”
17. Curse Word “Big Fingers”
16. Wolf Whistle “Lawnmower Man”
15. Fury “Vacation”
14. Glitterer “Destiny”
13. BEAK> “We Can Go”
Bonus: Wicca Phase Springs Eternal "I Fell" (Darby Allin Entrance Song)

12. Sedona “More Love”
11. Tyler, The Creator “What’s Good”

10. The Chats "Identity Theft"
9. Nudie Mag "She's A Star"
8. Denzel Curry "Ricky"
7. Big Thief "UFOF"
6. Nilufer Yanya "In Your Head"
5. Hatchie "Obsessed"
4. Young Guv "Every Flower I See"
3. Jocko "Muddy Waters"
2. BEAK> "Life Goes On"
1. DaBaby f/ Offset "Baby Sitter"
Walk-off song: Blanco Brown "The Git Up"

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