Monday, August 26, 2019

Late Night Noise -- August 26, 2019

Re-run last week, but we are back this week again.

Scissorfight "The Gibbetted Captain Kid"
Floor "Chelsea Girl Blues"
Innumerable Forms "Punishment In Flesh"
Eyehategod "Pigs"
Fury "Goodtime"
Jerry Green "I Finally Found The Love I Need"
TLC "Baby Baby Baby"
Glitterer "1001"
Glitterer "Destiny"
The Rentals "Frisbee Days"

Ufomammut "Satan"
Yarrow "A Mild Circus"
Antagonize "Both Hands Tight"
Anxious "Cold"
Sheer Mag "The Killer"

Young Guv "Roll With Me"
Death Bells "Roman Candles"
Navy Gangs "Special Glands"
Refrigerator "In Another Room"
Hum "Puppets"
Willie Nelson "Whiskey River"
Willie Nelson "Stay All Night (Stay A Little Longer)"
Akaten "Lathan's Snipe"
Omoide Hatoba "Pikadom"
Last of SGs "Bye To Bags"
Mount Shasta "S171"
Dazzling Killmen "Windshear"

Lil B "Wasup Jojo"

MW1 "My Butt (Part 2)"
Rotting Corpse "Dreaming With The Dead"
Fecal Matter "Class of 86"
TV On The Radio "Freeway"
Bumblebeez 81 "Pony Ride (TV on the Radio remix)"
Les Rallizes Denudes "People Can Choose"
Boris & Michio Kurihara "You Laughed Like A Watermark"
Mekanik Kommando "Snake Is Queen...Endless"
Kana "Star Tears"
Brujeria "Mantando Gueros (Live)"
Contortions "Jaded"

Freddie Hubbard "Mr. Clean"
Donnie and Joe Emerson "Baby"

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