Monday, July 15, 2019

Late Night Noise -- July 15, 2019 (RIP Rip Torn)

Kook Keith "Maxin In The Shade"
Brujeria "Marijuana"
Pigface (Dean Ween and Andrew Weiss) "Cold (Mickey Part 2)"
Kana "Dragon Matsuri"

Weird Al Yankovic "Bite Me"
Destroy All Monsters "An Audio Letter"
Destroy All Monsters "Roscoe"
Etran de L'Air "Tarha"
Creedence Clearwater Revival "Keep On Chooglin'"

Morton Feldman "Music for Jackson Pollock"
Mulatu Astatke "Yekermo Sew"
Steve Martin "Tonight You Belong To Me"
The Pretty Things "Baron Saturday"
Rihanna "James Joint"
Heavy Vegetable "Junior"

Lil B "Last Dance Remix Feat Lil B"

Sunburned Hand of the Man "Fire Escape"
The Turtles "You Showed Me"
Mrs. Miller "Monday Monday"
Z-Rock Hawaii "Chuggin'"
Z-Rock Hawaii "Bad To The Bone"
Babymetal "Gimme Choko"
Beherit "Tribal Death"

Mariah "Track 6"
Absu "She Cries The Quiet Lake"
Absu "Manannan"
Sleep "Sonic Titan"

Phil Nilbock "Sea Jelly Yellow"
DJ Shadow "Brainfreeze (Side A)"

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