Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Late Night Noise 12/24/18

Again I forgot to write down what got played but the info is at WXCI somewhere...

Tried to take advantage of being on the air from 10PM on xmas eve all through the midnight hour until 2am. I feel like it was a good (pre-recorded) show overall.

We re-played some of the audio segments from the previous week and late into the night re-aired (For the 10th consecutive year) the Late Night Noise Christmas special.

Michael Boyd & David Liebe Hart "I Love Christmas" (from the Christian Junior Science Bible Lesson Show)
Smegma "Happy Holiday"
Michael Boyd "I Love Christmas"
Ren & Stimpy "The 12 Days of Yaksmas"
Sonic Youth "Santa Doesn't Cop Out On Dope"

Yeah, I don't remember what else...

I'll transcribe this next time I'm at the station though. The info is all there.

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