Tuesday, November 20, 2018

November 19, 2018 Late Night Noise

Dr. Octagon "Wild and Crazy"
Dr. Octagon "Elective Surgery"
Ween "Love Will Conquer All"
Thingy "Obligitory"
Todd Rundgren "I Went To The Mirror"
DJ Burn "He's My President"
Otoboke Beaver “Anata Watashi Daita Ato Yome No Meshi”
Negative Scanner "Shoplifter"
Beak> "Harvester"

Mindforce "Excalibur"
Three Knee Deep "Intro"
Three Knee Deep "Pile O' Shells"
Incendiary "The Product Is You"

Lil B "Bad MF"

Deerhoof "Live To Tell"
Prince "Cloreen Bacon Skin"
Wicked Witch "Fancy Dancer"
Jackson Scott "Evie"
Alex G "String"
Wesley Willis "Jesus Christ"

Sleep "Giza Butler"
Sleep "The Botanist"

Satan's Satyrs "Take It and Run"
Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats "I See Through You"
Ween "I Smoke Some Grass"
Wesley Willis "2 x 4"
Deftones "Be Quiet and Drive"

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