Monday, July 23, 2018

July 23 2018 Late Night Noise

Mary Kate & Ashley Olson "Gimme Pizza Slow"

Optiganally Yours "Night Shop"
Optiganally Yours "Wichita Lineman"
Mariah "Sokokara"
Shumba Ratshega "Dikgafela"
Mehkago NT "Fall of the Bastard"
Eyehategod "Take as needed for Pain"

Elias "The Ballad of Every Town I've Ever Been To"
Elias "Walk With Me"
Elias "Nothing I Can't Do"

Signal "BLL"
Tony Molina "Nothing I Can Say"
Ovlov "Short Morgan"

The Offspring "Down" (311 cover)
311 "Self Esteem" (Offspring cover)

Jaap Blonk "Yapp Yapp"
Jaap Blonk "Aav"
Palberta "Ziddy"
Palberta "Big Time"
Ween "I Play It Off Legit"
Red Death "Already In Hell"
John Maus "Touchdown"

Mandatory BasedGod
Lil B "Keke That's My Kitty" (remix of Drake's "In My Feelings")
Lil B "Richmond Girl"
Iris Creamer "Villians"
Lil B "KEKE The Adopted Cat"

Coil "Music for Commercials"
Cold World "Gods and Earths"
Fister "Star Swallower"
Andrew WK "Not Going To Bed"
Bachman Turned Overdrive "Stayed Awake All Night"
Beak> "Brean Down"

Three Knee Deep "Last Man Standin'"
Ultra Satan "USA"
Saviours "To The Grave Possessed"
Sun Araw "Bump Up"

Sunwatchers "Loop #2"
Everything Is Terrible Block #1

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