Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Late Night Noise **LIVE**

Tonight, the Late Night Noise show was live with MC announcements and everything for the first time since January 2015.

Anton Lavey "Book of Satan Verse 1"
Good Willsmith "A Disease You've Probably Never Heard Of Is Killing Kids"

TV On The Radio "Buffalo Girls"
Lumpy and the Dumpers "I'm Gonna Move To New York"
Desert Sessions "Winners"
Mars "Hairwaves"
Chris Weisman "Irish Stuff"

I Hate Sex "Dial Tone"
I Hate Sex "I Fucking Hate Sports"
Broken Hope "The Meek Shall Inherit Shit"
Midnight "In League With Satan"
Andrew WK "Not Going To Bed"
Death's Dynamic Shroud.wmv "Do U Like Me?"
Foodman "Otonarabi"
Foodman "Minzoku"
Foodman "Nagaremasu"

Ata Kak "Adagya"
Rihanna "Woo"
Rihanna "Pose"
Broken Hope "The Bunker"
Brujeria "Mantando Gueros '97"
The Frogs "I've Got Drugs (Out Of The Mist)"
Wild Man Fischer "Handy Man"
Beans "Interval"
Peter Grudzien "White Trash Hillbilly Trick"

Brujeria "Marijuana"
Painkiller "Dr. Phibes"
Painkiller "Purgatory of Fiery Vulvas"
Painkiller "Warhead"
Naked City "Igneous Ejaculation"
Naked City "Blood Duster"
Naked City "Hammerhead"
Naked City "Demon Sanctuary"
Naked City "Obeah Man"
Naked City "Ujaku"
Naked City "Fuck The Facts"
Naked City "Speedball"
Boredoms "Bubblebop Shot"
Boredoms "52 Boredom (Club Mix)"
Boredoms "Sun Gun Run"
Lil B "I Was Born Poor"
Magical Power Mako "Andromeda"
Throbbing Gristle "Beachy Head"

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