Wednesday, July 27, 2016

MWGA Celebrates 2004

Hi this is Lyle reporting live from the official WXCI "Make WXCI Great Again" looking for some great 2004 jams. It's playing live now and here are the songs we played or "are playing" or something.

Here is Mike's 2004 list from last October:

And here's the stuff we played on the 2004 Top Ten Jams special.

- 2004 Top Ten Jams Special -
Incubus "Pistola"
Madvillian "Shadows Of Tomorrow"
12. Death From Above 1979 "Romantic Rights"
11. Modest Mouse "The World At Large"
10. Prince "Call My Name"
9. Jimmy Eat World "Work"
8. Slipknot "Duality"
7. Lil Wayne "Go DJ"
Pixies "Ain't That Pretty At All"
Jay-Z "99 Problems"
6. Ciara "Goodies"
5. Animal Collective "Leaf House"
4. Ashlee Simpson "Pieces Of Me"
3. Autolux "Plantlife"
2. Kanye West "We Don't Care"
1. TV On The Radio "The Wrong Way"
Fabolous "Breathe"
Dungen "Festival"
The Killers "All These Things That I've Done"
Pinback "Non-Photo Blue"
Twista f/ Kanye "Slow Jams"
Snoop Dogg f/ Pharrell "Let's Get Blown"
Nelly "Flap Your Wings"
Wilco "Spiders (Kidsmoke)"
Wilco "The Late Greats"
Sleepy Brown f/ "I Can't Wait"
Madvillian "All Caps"
Ghostface Killah f/ Jadakiss "Run"

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