Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Holiday Spectacular // 2013 Mixtape

(Sadie from Speedy Ortiz, Ellen from Palehound, and Real Trap Rich)
(And Steve from Ovlov's belly)

The big "Holiday Spectacu-LARD" and 2013 Mixtape happened yesterday. It was a really long radio show, and probably the last one I'll be doing on WXCI for a while. Unfortunately, this also signals yet another hiatus for Late Night Noise... And this hiatus will likely be a lot longer than the previous ones. (The last Late Night Noise was November 25, 2013. We may be picking it back up at some point mid-2014.)

Here is the complete playlist for yesterday's show...

Quad City DJ's “What You What For Christmas”
Ying Yang Twins “Deck Da Club”

60. Sungod “Gas Is Better Than Gas”
59. Destroyer “El Rito”
58. Pretty & Nice “New Czar”
57. Yo La Tengo "Well You Better"
56. California X “Pond Rot”'
55. J. Cole featuring TLC “Crooked Smile”
54. Action Bronson & Party Supplies “Jackson Travolta”
53. Little Big League "Brackish Water"
52. Jute Gyte "The Haunting Sense of an Unrepeatable Unidirection"

Lil B “Santa Is Coming”

51. True Widow “Four Teeth”
50. Cloud Control “Dojo Rising”
49. Gunk “Ice Cream”
48. Deerhunter “T.H.M.”
47. Selena Gomez “Birthday”
46. Queens of the Stone Age “I Sat By The Ocean”
45. Polvo “Light, Raking”
44. Nelly featuring Nicki Minaj & Pharrell “Get Like Me”
43. Ciara “Overdose”
42. Two Inch Astronaut “Spank Jail”
41. Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats “Desert Ceremony”

40. Migos “Versace”
39. Fat History Month “Skin Divers in Action”
38. Yuck “Rebirth”
37. Kim Deal “Walkin' With A Killer”
36. Jay-Z “Tom Ford”
35. Liars “I Saw You from the Lifeboat”
34. Big Sean featuring Nicki Minaj & Juicy J “MILF”
33. Fake Shark Real Zombie “Get Weird”
32. Kurt Vile “Girl Called Alex”
31. Swearin' “Mermaid”

[Darl Ferm interview: Discussing the first time he heard the new Disco Doom stuff]
Disco Doom “Rice & Bones” (Honorable Mention for 2014)

Full House Cash Cab [Episode One]

Grass Is Green “Big Dog Tee Shirt Birthday Weekend” (Honorable Mention for 2014)

Ovlov: Live in the WXCI studio
“The Well”
“Nu Punk”
“I Got Well”

30. Neon Indian “Change of Coast”
29. Fat History Month “Sad History Month”
28. Trinidad James “All Gold Everything”

Banjo solo from Kristen

27. Of Montreal "She Ain't Speakin' Now"
26. Pretty & Nice “Money Music”
25. Sky Ferriera “I Will”

Speedy Ortiz: Live in the WXCI studio
“Casper 1995”
“Taylor Swift”

24. Tony Molina “Don’t Come Back”
23. Kurt Vile “Wakin on a Pretty Day”
22. Potty Mouth “Damage”
21. Krill “Never a Joke”

Palehound: Live in the WXCI studio
"Heart Splint"
“I Get Clean”
"Healthier Folk"
“Hello Cecil”

20. Kanye West “New Slaves”
19. Juana Molina “Sin Guia, No”
18. Jackson Scott “Sandy”
17. Kurt Vile “Was All Talk”
16. Sebadoh “Beat”
15. Connections “1980 Called”
14. Dornik “Something About You”
13. Mariah Carey & Miguel “#Beautiful”
12. Kayne West “Bound 2”
11. Deerhunter “Back to the Middle”

10. Surface to Air Missive “Surfacing”
09. Swearin' “Watered Down”
08. Two Inch Astronaut “Sternum”
07. Earl Sweatshirt featuring RZA “Molasses”
06. Jai Paul “Crush”
05. Pity Sex “Drown Me Out”

Lil B "Ellen Degeneres"

04. Kanye West “Black Skinhead”
03. Pusha T “Numbers on the Boards”
02. My Bloody Valentine “Only Tomorrow”
01. Kurt Vile “KV Crimes”

WXCI Kidnapper Caller (2005 clip)
Since this was my last show, I decided to chose this moment as my favorite (beating out interviews with Andrew WK and Stella) as my favorite since I started on WXCI...

Lowt Ide "Welcome Aboard" (New Lowt Ide jam)

A$AP Rocky "Fashion Killa"
Ying Yang Twins "Deck Da Club"
Washed Out "Don't Give Up"

This is when we left, and handed it over to automation, but not before one last Late Night Noise...


Beck “Little Drum Machine Boy”
Georgia Anne Muldrew “Kwanzaa”
Miss Massive Snowflake “Christmas 1957”
King Diamond “No Presents For Christmas”
Electric Bird Noise “Santa Clause Is Coming To Town”
Dread Zeppelin “It’s Christmastime n I Like It”
(unknown artist) “Tastee Christmas”
Baron Zen “My Lovely Christmas”
Daniel Johnston “Christmas In The Looney Bin”
Frost Like Ashes “Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence”
The Fall “We Wish You A Protein Christmas”
Henry Rollins “Twas The Night Before Christmas”
Luke “Ho Ho Hoes”
Busy Boys “Funky Fresh Christmas”
Super Jay “Santa’s Rap Party”
Warlock Pinchers “Psycho ‘Satan’ Santa”
Eversinceve “O Holy Night”
The Moog Cookbook “Sleigh Ride & Deck The Halls”
Hard Call Xmas “My Christmas Bells”
Yogi Yorgesson “I Was Santa Claus At The School House (For The P.T.A.)”
Pee Wee’s Playhouse Christmas Special “Christmas In The Playhouse”
Sonic Youth “Santa Doesn’t Cop Out On Dope”
Space Needle “Silent Night”
Butthole Surfers “Good King Wenceslaus”
Theater Of Ice “Santa’s Got A Problem”
William S Burroughs & Kurt Cobain “The Priest They Called Him”

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