Thursday, September 13, 2012

playlist 9/10/12

Wutang "DA mystery of chessboxin"
Dr octagon "dr octagon"
Beastie boys "shake your rump"
Nirvana "Swap Meet"
Ted Leo "The High Party"
Beak "Eggdog"
Grizzly Bear 'Sleeping Ute"
Darkness "street spirit fade out"
King tuff "anthem"
Jeff the brotherhood "dark energy"
Green Day “don’t leave me”
Necromonitron "one more moment on the planet"
Melt banana “leeching”
The Fall “Victrola time”
Prince “god”
Native “Ride The Tide”
Bailter space “No Sense”
Yuck “Cousin corona”
Twin Shadows “five seconds”
Jack White “sixteen saltines”
Dinosaur jr “rude”
The xx “Fiction”
Dr octagon “elective surgery”
Dr octagon “biology 101”
Ty Segall “I Can’t Get Around You”
Guided by voices “billy wire”

Crowbar “Existence is punishment”
Cannibal corpse “post mortal ejaculation”
Free lunch “window”
Free lunch “no stomach”
The Frogs “Men (Come on men)”
Boris & Michio Kurihara “Rafflesia”
Dr Octagon “On production”
Merchandise “Kill The Light”
Merchandise “Moving Out”
Beastie Boys “Some Dumb Cop Gave Me Two Tickets Already”
Thee Speaking Canaries “Our War On Cool Part 2”
Kalibos “C.O.G.”
Mars “Hairwaves”
DNA “Not Moving”
The Antlers “Drift Dive”
WMixtape “Hurricane Drug Party Mixtape”
Farrah Abraham “Finally Getting Up From Rock Bottom”
Farrah Abraham "On My Own"

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